Meghan and Harry ‘in a bit of a pickle’ as they face pressure to deliver ‘tittle tattle’

TalkRADIO: Bell says Prince Harry has sold himself to the Devil

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Prince Harry has gotten himself a “problem” with regards to his upcoming memoir, as his publishers will want more royal revelations to ensure the book becomes a best-seller. As well as with their Netflix and Spotify deals, both he and Meghan Markle will face pressure to expose more “tittle-tattle” in order to keep their investors satisfied. 

Speaking on talkRADIO, royal expert Rupert Bell said: “He knows that all his paymasters now want something, they don’t want just bland ‘oh I opened this particular thing’.

“They want the tittle-tattle, and that is the problem.

“Anything that will sell the book, that is his problem – it’s going to come out next year, there’s going to be more revelations and that’s the sad thing, they’ve got themselves into a bit of a pickle. 

Prince Harry’s memoir is scheduled to be published next autumn and has been ghost-written by Pulitzer prize-winning author J. R. Moehringer. 

After announcing the book through Penguin Random House in July, the 36-year-old prince said: “I’m writing this not as the prince I was born but as the man I have become. I’ve worn many hats over the years, both literally and figuratively, and my hope is that in telling my story – the highs and lows, the mistakes, the lessons learned – I can help show that no matter where we come from, we have more in common than we think.

“I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity to share what I’ve learned over the course of my life so far and excited for people to read a first-hand account of my life that’s accurate and wholly truthful.”

Penguin Random House said they were “thrilled” to be publishing the memoirs of “one of the most fascinating and influential global figures of our time”.

With the book expected to hit bookshelves in late 2022, it has sparked concern amongst royal fans that any damaging revelations by the prince could overshadow the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. 

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Since leaving the Royal Family in 2020, the Sussexes have spoken on several occasions of their rift with Buckingham Palace and their strained relationship with certain members of the Royal Family. 

During their sit-down Oprah Winfrey interview, they accused Palace staff of refusing to correct damaging tabloid articles about Meghan and alleged that the Royal Family had ignored her mental health. The most damning allegation however was that an unnamed member of the family had made a racist comment about their unborn son. 

Harry has also conducted a podcast and an additional TV series with Oprah, where he accused his family of “total neglect” and spoke of his dislike for royal life. 

Whilst the duke is currently working on his memoir, Meghan has begun to enter the political field and recently received criticism for continuing to use her Duchess of Sussex title whilst lobbying US Senators for a national paid leave policy. 

Rupert Bell continued: “The issue is also now with Meghan dipping her toe very firmly into the political waters, which I believe the Royal Family have said ‘Look, you shouldn’t be using our name when you are contacting Senators.”


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When asked by host Jeremy Kyle if she has ambitions to become President, he responded: “Well she believes, it seems to me that anybody can run for President, it’s name recognition and if you’re well known, you have a huge chance.”

The duchess has always demonstrated an interest in politics, and after studying International Relations at the prestigious Northwestern University, she considered a political career. 

In recent weeks, she has addressed a letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Majority leader Chuch Schumer to state that it was a “national right” to have an implemented parental paid leave policy. 

She followed this by cold-calling Republican senators to discuss the issue, with Susan Collins from Maine saying: “I was happy to talk with her. But I’m more interested in what the people of Maine are telling me about it”.

She also added that it was “kind of ironic” that Meghan had introduced herself with her royal title, despite no longer being a working member of the monarchy and being aware that the Royal Family traditionally steered clear of political interference. 

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