Meghan and Harry ‘jeopardising’ royal peace with key mistake

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are “jeopardising” the chances of making peace with the Royal Family by failing to stay silent for a significant period of time, PR expert Edward Coram James believes. The marketing strategist told the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would heighten their prospects of ending the feud with the Royal Family with a “period of three or so months of silence”. The Duke, 38, this week insisted he wanted the King and Prince William “back” but extracts of his upcoming memoir cast doubt over a potential reconciliation.

Asked about the impact of Harry calling for peace, Mr Coram James said: “This is not a statement that I would advise any of my clients to make, given the circumstances.

“If a client says that they wish for reconciliation with the other side, then the preconditions for that would be a period of three or so months of silence from both parties, followed by a series of informal, private meetings [that the press and public is not aware of].

“This is to be followed, if all goes well, with a joint statement saying that rifts have been healed and that love and family have won out.”

He added that “the strategy that the Sussexes reputation team appears to have been putting forward risks not only jeopardising the supposed aim of reconciliation” but “also risks painting the Sussexes as somewhat inauthentic”.

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The Go Up founder continued: “The shame is that I am sure that they probably would like to reconcile with their family.

The experience that they have been through – that they have all been through – seems to have been very painful and that this has all played out in the public eye will only have heightened their pain.

“By acting on better advice, there is a way forward for them not only to heal their public image, but to heal their private relationships too.

“By continuing to act on the advice they appear to be receiving, both of those paths will be shut off, perhaps forever.”

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have agreed to a series of interviews with US broadcasters and newspapers since their departure from the Royal Family.

They also opened the doors to their new home in Montecito to a Netflix crew to record their first major project with the streaming platform, the six-part docuseries Harry & Meghan.

The couple renewed their criticism of the Royal Family, with the Duke insisting the institution had missed a “major opportunity” by failing to make the Duchess feel welcome after their marriage.

He also poured further fuel onto the fire as he accused Prince William’s royal aides of briefing the press against him to keep negative stories about his brother from being published.


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The Duke’s relationship with his older brother has been somewhat frosty since before the Sussexes departed in March 2020.

The Prince of Wales was also the only member of the family to directly address Prince Harry’s claims during the Oprah Winfrey interview.

Harry and Meghan claimed an unnamed member of the Royal Family questioned the colour of their son Archie’s skin before his birth.

Ms Winfrey later clarified the Duke had confirmed neither the Queen nor Prince Philip had been involved in the incident.

Asked whether the Royal Family was “racist”, the Prince of Wales said “we are very much not a racist family” when confronted during an outing in March 2021.

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