Meghan and Harry lookalikes ‘seeing downturn in work’ as Sussex popularity plummets

Meghan and Harry lookalikes take part in royal photoshoot

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey became the most prominent reason for their decrease in popularity. Neil Sean, a royal expert confirmed that Prince Harry and Meghan’s wax statue has been moved to the celebrity section in the famous Madame Tussaud’s museum. The lookalike agencies also noticed a “downturn in work” where the bookings are mainly for Halloween night and nightclub appearances now.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Mr Sean said: “It’s not just Harry and Meghan as a waxwork that had been chucked into the corner but seemingly now also it appears that if you are a lookalike, you’re seeking a downturn in work now. 

“There are a lot of lookalike agencies some may say that they’re doing incredibly well but over here in the United Kingdom such as the plummeting popularity of the once much loved Prince Harry and of course, the former cable TV actress Meghan Markle that the lookalikes are really in danger now.

“I’ve contacted quite a few agencies and I was speaking to some lookalikes myself recently and what’s interesting about them is that once before people were fascinated by them and of course they liked them and wanted to be pictured with them and stuff like that.

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“Now, the sort of bookings they’re getting are for things like halloween nights and of course nightclub appearances where perhaps wet sponges may be thrown at them. Truly, that’s the level we’re at now.

“It’s interesting, isn’t it?

“They told me they have made an incredible living over the last few years and it already took a turn for the worse just around the time of Mexico like a bit of popularity and then of course it just really nose dived now it’s very difficult because if you specifically look like Meghan Markle or Prince Harry it’s very hard to turn yourself into something else.

“I mean you could dye your hair blonde I guess and maybe pass reasonably for a Prince William but I’m not sure but how would you reinvent yourself if you Meghan Markle a problem she has I believe in real life too.”

The Meghan impersonator, Sarah, a 37-years-old actress from Cheshire started attending events as ‘Meghan’ after she was suggested by an agent. 

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Sarah claims to have real-life links to the Duchess.

She impersonated the Duchess of Sussex in a party at Surrey soon after their wedding in 2018. 

Sarah and her mother were invited to the Sussex’s wedding due to her charity work and OBE honour. 

She added: “When she and Harry announced the LA move, work was busier, but now nothing.”

After which, the lookalike has returned to normal acting. 

When YouGov conducted a poll in 2021 on the royal couple’s popularity, the numbers were incredibly low. 


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The poll, which quizzed 1,730 UK adults from April 21-22, found 49 percent of Britons now regard Harry negatively, giving him a net score of -6.

This is a further drop from March 11-12, when attitudes towards the Duke turned negative for the first time.

Just 43 percent viewed Harry positively, down from 45 percent the previous month.

Meghan’s scores have also plunged, with just 29 percent having a positive view of the Duchess. A total of 61 percent view her negatively, up from 58 percent.

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