Meghan and Harry ‘should be invited’ to King’s coronation

King Charles III coronation details revealed by Palace

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry should be given the invite to King Charles III’s coronation, according to a royal commentator. Daily Mail Diary Editor and royal expert Richard Eden said he believes the Sussexes should be invited to the royal event set to take place later this year. Eden said that the Sussexes could attend the coronation in the same capacity that they attended other royal events after their split with the Firm such as the Platinum Jubilee and the Queen’s funeral.

“Personally, I think they should be invited to the Coronation. They can come like anyone else as guests. To be fair they came over at the time when the Queen died and obviously attended those events and it wasn’t a great problem,” Eden said on the Daily Mail Royals YouTube channel.

He added: “They attended things, same as the Platinum Jubilee so that could be the case again.

“There’s no need for there to be some big meeting and all of that beforehand.”

The Palace Confidential Royal expert added that the idea that Meghan and Harry would turn the coronation into a “circus” gives the Sussexes far “too much importance”.

He said: “This talk of turning the coronation into a circus is ridiculous. It gives them far too much importance. It’s the coronation of our new monarch. That’s a sideshow, it doesn’t impact on the main event at all.

“Same as it didn’t for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations or the Queen’s funeral.”

During the Platinum Jubilee, Harry and Meghan were in attendance, although they played a much smaller role than the working royals.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were notably absent from Buckingham Palace balcony during the celebrations and during the late Queen’s state funeral, Prince Harry was not allowed to wear his military uniform.

However, a lot has happened between the Sussexes and the rest of the family since the death of the Queen.

Meghan and Harry dropped a Netflix docuseries on December 8 and 15 while the Duke hit the interview circuit ahead of his bombshell book Spare which made damaging claims about members of the Royal Family. It was released on January 10.

There have been rumours that Meghan and Harry would be welcome at the coronation, however, the Palace has not commented on the matter.

King Charles III’s coronation will be on May 6, 2023 with the ceremony taking place at Westminster Abbey.

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