Meghan and Harry tipped to make major ‘A-List’ event debut

Harry and Meghan to ‘keep mouths shut’ at coronation says expert

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Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle relocated to California shortly after they stepped down from their senior positions within the Royal Family. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex live in Montecito, an affluent neighbourhood in Santa Barbara which is home to several celebrities. While Harry and Meghan supposedly keep to themselves, a recent sighting has led some commentators to speculate what A-List events the royal couple may attend next, with one suggesting that the Sussex may make their debut at a particularly infamous affair.

Christine Ross and Christina Garibaldi, hosts of the Royally Us podcast, discussed what the future may hold for the Duke and Duchess.

They referenced Harry and Meghan recently being spotted at Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s surprise vow renewal at Portia’s 50th birthday party in Montecito earlier this month.

The Sussexes were among well-known celebs, including Courteney Cox, Gwyneth Paltrow, Katy Perry, Kris Jenner, Jennifer Aniston, Melissa Etheridge and Orlando Bloom.

It marked the couple’s first appearance together since the release of their Netflix docuseries at the end of 2022, and led Ms Garibaldi to speculate about where the couple will be seen next.

Speaking of the surprise vow renewal party, she said: “It was definitely an A-List Hollywood guestlist and I think that’s where Harry and Meghan want to find themselves — on that A-List Hollywood circuit.

“I think this is the first of many times we’re going to see Harry and Meghan in these A-List circuits.

“I would keep an eye out on things like the Met Gala, the big red carpets this year, to see where they are going to find their place in the celebrity minefield.”

Ms Ross added: “I totally agree with you. I think they are going to be making their Met Gala debut this year, for sure.”

The Met Gala is an annual celebration of fashion, organised and presided over by Vogue’s Anna Wintour. It has traditionally been timed to mark the opening of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Insititute’s annual fashion exhibition, and is considered a fundraiser for the New York museum.

Year after year, the exclusive event is attended by A-List celebrities and raises eight-figure sums. It will once again take place on the first Monday in May, which happens to be May 1 this year, a tradition maintained since 2005, apart from in 2020, when the Met Gala was cancelled, and in 2021, when it was held in September, as a result of the pandemic.

The event usually hosts around 600 attendees and the guest list is kept top secret until the evening before the event. However, some of the most famous figures regularly attend — from Beyoncé to Madonna — as well as designers and their muses.

Strict rules dictate that no phones are allowed to be used during the event, in turn, meaning no social media. What happens at the Met Gala, therefore, remains largely under wraps. It is understood that the event usually involves a high-profile performer, and guests always explore the exhibition before sitting down together for a meal.

Harry and Meghan have not previously attended the glitzy event and seem to be relatively reserved about what events they attend.

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It is unclear whether they were invited to last year’s event and it is understood they would require more security than the typical celebrity.

A Montecito local recently claimed the Sussexes are the only famous residents to bring their security guards out with them.

Richard Mineards, a former royal reporter, claimed other celebrities in the exclusive enclave do not use the same level of security.

Speaking on an episode of Hello!’s A Right Royal Podcast earlier this month, he said: “What is very odd, I might say, is that there are very important people, very rich people [in Montecito], but no one has security guards with them, except only — from what I’ve seen — Harry and Meghan.

“Every time he goes anywhere in his Range Rover, he’s normally followed by three or four security men… I don’t know how necessary that is.”

The podcast’s co-host, Andrea Caamano added: “I think he’s used to it. He would probably feel bare without them.”

Mr Mineards continued: “Their estate is surrounded by walls, which are about eight-feet high, so it’s very secure. But obviously, the security men, they [Harry and Meghan] feel they need them.”

Later in the podcast, Sandro Monetti, a show business reporter described as “the ultimate Hollywood insider”, claimed Harry and Meghan, who are parents to two young children, largely keep to themselves and rarely mix with their famous neighbours. His comments came ahead of the Sussexes’ being spotted at the home of Ellen DeGeneres.

At the party, musician Brandi Carlile performed The First Time I Saw Your Face, and met the royal couple.

She told ET Online on the Grammys red carpet last week: “We talked to them for a long time. They just really felt like normal, decent, good humour people. We just had a great chat. I’m not going to pretend that I haven’t seen the hubbub, but I haven’t paid very close attention to it.”

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