Meghan and Harry’s ‘extraordinary’ departure could be ‘problematic’ for Boris Johnson

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced after “many months of reflection and internal discussions” they would be stepping back from their roles as senior members of the Royal Family. The announcement comes after Meghan and Harry gave a candid interview following their royal tour of Africa where the pair revealed they were struggling in the royal spotlight. Financial Times journalist Laura Hughes told BBC Politics Live that the “extraordinary” story could prove “problematic” for UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

She said: “For the political side of it, I think this could be problematic for Boris Johnson going forward.

“If Meghan, for example, comes out and shares her views.

“We know she has them on Donald Trump, the US President, for example.

“How is the UK Government going to respond to that?”

Ms Hughes continued: “Because of the sort of confused ties that they’re keeping to the Palace, are they representative of Britain?

“What are diplomats going to do if they travel around the world to promote their causes?

“And again, questions over the taxpayer’s money.

“We know that the Home Office and the Foreign Office are involved in their security.”

The FT journalist added: “Are we going to continue to pay for that?

“That’s why I think the story is going to continue to roll.

“But it’s pretty extraordinary how its dominating the front pages, even still given what’s happening in Iran.”

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Royal biographer Angela Levin told Sky News that it was a “real shame” that the couple were making the move because they were very much “needed” for their popularity.

She said: “It has not been an easy year for the Queen. They’re perfectly at liberty to move away, but I think it’s not being in a very tactful, nice, kind, thought-out way.

“Prince Charles wants to cut down the Royal Family to help save the taxpayer money. I think they’re very right in that.

“However, they needed Harry because he’s very popular, he’s the most popular royal. He has been, anyway, up until now.

“He’s the most energetic, he engages with people brilliantly. I saw that for myself so many times. It’s a real shame that he is not there to help.”

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