Meghan and Kate pitted against each other in latest South Park

South Park: Teaser for ‘The Worldwide Privacy Tour’

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Meghan Markle was pitted against Kate, the Princess of Wales, in the latest episode of South Park. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been repeatedly mocked in the animated comedy series, with a parody of the couple branded “dumb” and “stupid”.

On his Royal Rogue YouTube channel, Jesús added: “The South Park writers went as far to imply that Meghan copies Catherine. This was masterful.”

In 2018, a source told the Sun that it “hasn’t gone ­unnoticed by Kate’s circle” that Meghan appeared to be copying Kate. ­

“Meghan was a style icon and knew what to wear… But since joining the royals she seems to be a bit lost,” they added.

“Instead of finding her feet she is copying what Kate wears more often than ever.

“Kate always looks stylish. She has been in the family for years and knows the protocol. So it makes sense that Meghan would look to her for inspiration.”

Sources in California said Meghan had become “upset and overwhelmed” by the ridicule she and Harry were facing from the series.

However, a spokesperson for Meghan and Harry reject reports claiming they were considering legal action against the show, telling PEOPLE: “It’s all frankly nonsense. Totally baseless, boring reports.”

The couple’s statement followed a report in the Spectator, which quoted sources who say the Duchess of Sussex “is annoyed by South Park but refuses to watch it all”.

Meghan and Harry are not the first royals mocked by South Park. In 2011, the show skewered Prince William and Kate’s wedding.

A band playing “the march of a thousand farts” while a spoof of the late Queen “queefs” in the front row is seen in the episode.

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