Meghan claimed she had larger ‘profile’ than Kate in surprise rebuttal over peace talks

Kate Middleton 'panicked' after Sussexes' departure says Myers

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Meghan and Kate’s relationship was under the microscope long before royal watchers suspected there was a rift between their husbands, Prince Harry and Prince William. When the brothers’ feud came to light, it was thought that Meghan and Kate had managed to remain fairly amicable towards each other. However, the Duchess of Sussex framed their relationship in a different light during her Oprah Winfrey interview.

Meghan recalled her version of the reported fallout with the Duchess of Cambridge over bridesmaids’ dresses before her 2018 wedding.

Meghan said this incident — and the supposedly inaccurate manner in which it was reported — was “when everything changed” for her and she realised the Palace would not protect her.

Though she conceded that Kate was “a good person”, Meghan also implied none of the Royal Family tried to reach out to her when she was struggling with the negative press coverage.

But royal commentator Camilla Tominey claimed that a source was adamant Kate had expressed sympathy over the unflattering publicity.

Writing in The Telegraph, she explained: “One source suggested Kate had expressed sympathy over the negative press, only to be told the former actress was in a different position to her because she had a ‘profile’ before marrying into the Royal Family.”

Meghan was an actress on the US legal drama Suits for seven years before she gave up her career to become a full-time working royal in 2017.

Although Kate was cruelly dubbed ‘Waity Katie’ as she dated William for close to a decade before he finally decided to marry her — and she was often caught on camera — she did not work in the entertainment industry like her sister-in-law.

She was a buyer for womenswear brand Jigsaw before going to work for her parents’ company, Party Pieces.

However, just like Harry, William released a furious request asking for the press to respect his then-girlfriend’s privacy in the early days of their relationship — suggesting both women were struggling with the intensity of being in the public eye.

This is reportedly not the first time Meghan may have rebuffed Kate’s attempts to reach out.

Royal correspondent Rebecca English later reported that Meghan rejected offers of assistance from both Kate and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, after she told ITV “not many people ask if I’m OK”, in October 2019.

Meghan also told Oprah that after their row, Kate “owned it and she apologised” with some flowers and a note.

She added: “And she did what I would do if I knew that I hurt someone, right, to just take accountability for it.”

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However, other accounts told Ms Tominey that Kate was definitely in tears after her row with Meghan — despite the Duchess of Sussex’s claim — and reportedly had the door slammed in her face when she tried to apologise.

When asked about the public events when she looked close with her sister-in-law, Meghan alluded to a more distant relationship with Kate.

She told Oprah: “My understanding and my experience of the past four years is nothing like what it looks like.”

Meghan and Kate have not seen each other in person since the Sussexes’ final royal engagement back in March last year, when the frosty atmosphere was palpable.

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Kate also told a press conference that she had not seen her niece Lilibet Diana even over Facetime more than a week after she was born at the beginning of June.

This was seen as a confirmation of the ongoing rift between the Sussexes and the Cambridges.

Neither of the royal wives will be attending the unveiling of the Princess Diana memorial statue this Thursday, as Meghan is staying home in California with her children.

It has been reported that aides decided not to invite Kate to the event so that Harry did not feel “outflanked” by the Cambridges.

Still, the reunion between Harry and William is expected to be incredibly tense, even if the brothers call a temporary truce for the occasion.

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