Meghan interview left royals ‘weary’ as more revelations threatened

Lorraine calls Meghan Markle's interview with The Cut 'bizarre'

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The Duchess of Sussex’s interview with The Cut was published last week. In the exclusive interview, Meghan recalled her time within the Royal Family in scathing detail. According to the Daily Mail’s diary editor Richard Eden, Meghan hinted in the interview that she could “say a lot more in the future” which has left the Palace wondering “what next?”.

Speaking on the latest Palace Confidential, Mr Eden said: “What was notable about the interview, it wasn’t so much what Meghan did say, it was what she didn’t say.”

He said: “She made a series of very unsubtle hints that she could say a lot more in the future.

“It seemed clear that they were threats.

“She came across as saying , I can say these things, I’ve chosen not to.”

Mr Eden added: “She made clear I haven’t signed any contract stopping me from talking about what went on when I was an active member of the Royal Family.

“It was all spelt out in that way.”

He noted that Meghan dropped a hint by saying “I was keeping a daily diary as well.”

Host Jo Elvin asked Mr Eden “what he thinks” the Palace would have “made of it”.

He replied: “Nervous, probably, sort of very weary.

Lorraine calls Meghan Markle's interview with The Cut 'bizarre'

“I’m sure they’ll have read the interview and just think ‘oh, what next?’.”

He also made note of the “timing” of the interview, which stood at “the eve of their visit”.

Mr Eden concluded: “It’s really shocking, in so many ways”.


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The Duchess sat down for the 6,000-word interview at her California home.

Also speaking on Palace Confidential, the Mail on Sunday’s editor at large Charlotte Griffiths shared that the article was originally shared, by The Cut, without Meghan’s royal title.

Ms Griffiths said: “The Cut posted on Twitter saying, ‘Meghan of Montecito’ has done an interview.”

She claimed that after “about 20 minutes later they deleted it and reposted it as Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex.”


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