Meghan Markle accidentally breaks royal protocol as Duchess is caught out by selfie-taking

The Duchess of Sussex made one royal fan’s day smiling for the camera on the last day of Meghan and Prince Harry’s tour to Africa – but she then accidentally broke a rule of the royal protocol. The founder of Own Ur Crown, a South Africa-based platform created by artist and entrepreneur Nikiwe Dlova, showed Meghan an Instagram filter during their brief meeting at a reception at the Johannesburg’s High Commission on October 2 attended by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. 

Captured on video, Meghan can be seen looking curiously at the phone, before realising the filter is putting “crowns” on her head.

As soon as the Duchess looks at the front camera of the phone, a series of headdresses appear Meghan’s hair.

Meghan, as shown in the video recently shared on Instagram, seems delighted after the initial shock.

Upon sharing the footage, Ms Dlova, who creates colourful headpieces, wrote on Instagram: “Lastly she owned her crown with our Instagram filter we collaborated on with Will Hurt and Max Mutanda.” 

The artist, who was invited at the reception as one of the creatives of 2018 ColabNowNow, an initiative by the British Council, also added Meghan “loved” the filter.

Ms Dlova explained she brought to the reception some of the headdresses she makes – and Meghan was immortalised with the same one the artist was carrying at the moment.

She continued: “When she [Meghan] looked away she realised it was the same headpiece I was holding!

“This is an experience I will never forget!!!”

Ms Dlova spoke of her meeting with Meghan and Harry also on her website.

In a blogpost, she wrote: “Wow!! What an amazing experience meeting The Duchess on October 2!

“300 guests were invited to Johannesburg’s High Commission to celebrate the UK and South Africa’s business and investment relationship.

“The British Council then invited 3 Colabnownow creatives of 2018 to come showcase their work and I was one of the creatives!

“Harry and Meghan met with British and South African investors, entrepreneurs and creatives.”

“She then owned her crown by playing with our hair art Instagram filter we collaborated on with Will Hurt and Max Mutanda.”

While Meghan enjoyed her time with Ms Dlova, she inadvertently broke the royal protocol.

Selfies are frown upon by the immediate members of the Royal Family and royal fans are discouraged to take them.  

In 2016, the Canadian Government shared a ‘Meeting The Royal Family’ etiquette guide ahead of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s visit to the country.

Jennifer Gehmair, of the Canada’s Yukon region Government’s tourism department, said at the time that you should never turn your back on the royals.

She said: “Turning your back to the Duke and Duchess and taking a selfie is discouraged if at all possible.

“I know it’s fun to do, but they much would rather see your face.”

While selfies are to avoid, some members of the Royal Family can wear most types of crown without breaching the protocol. 

Meghan, as a married woman member of the Royal Family, is allowed to wear real tiaras and crowns, according to the royal etiquette.

Grant Harrold, a director at the Royal School of Etiquette, told Insider: “Traditionally, tiaras are a sign of marriage.

“So typically they could be worn by a bride on her wedding day, or after she is married, she can wear one to any black tie event.

“Single ladies don’t typically wear tiaras, unless they are born into the Royal Family as a princess.”

However, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams warned that, unless the royal is a bride, tiaras should be worn only after 6pm.     

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