Meghan Markle accused of ‘staggering lack of self-awareness’

Whoopi Goldberg hits out at Meghan Markle's 'bimbo' comments

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Meghan Markle’s latest interview makes the Duchess seem like a Disney character as a result of her ‘staggering lack of self-awareness’, a royal commentator has claimed. Jonathan Sacerdoti was reacting to Variety Magazine’s glossy profile of the 41-year-old in its latest edition.

During the course of the 3,000-word article, Meghan talks about her life since moving to California, her Archetypes podcast, the forthcoming Netflix series featuring her and her husband Prince Harry, and being a mother to Archie, three, and Lilibet, one.

Mr Sacerdoti, whose credits include the BBC, Sky News and Fox News, told “One of the funniest bits is where she was asked if an actor was playing her and 100 years time, what she hoped they focus on and she said softness and playfulness and laughter.

“None of those are words that one has heard used that often in describing Meghan Markle.

“It just seems to be a staggering lack of self-awareness of how she’s seen and what her story is and what, in her story, is really of interest to the majority of the public.

“It’s not softness and love. It’s scandal, the risk of explosive allegations and her possibly very negative impact on the Royal Family. The rest isn’t really of interest to many people.

“It’s the hubris of it’s all, this excessive confidence or arrogance that just seems to lead to this belief that she can’t do anything wrong.”

Referring to the article, and a lavish accompanying video, Mr Sacerdoti added: “I think when she became the Duchess of Sussex, some were worried that the entertainment industry might have lost an important actor.

“I’m certainly here to tell you that we did not.

“And I think that I’m not sure I want to live in a world that needs to know that Meghan Markle does Wordle in bed.

“It’s hardly the groundbreaking, compassionate content that we were promised would be coming from her stable.

“When asked what she wants most out of life, she said, ‘Joy’.

“I think from that we can deduce that she’s already reached ‘stage four greeting card’ in her powers of expression.

“I found the whole thing, more of the same, dense prose punctuated only by targeted ads, product placement and this seemingly airbrushed photo shoot.

“We gather that the real Meghan plays a mean game of Scrabble, makes a solid pasta sauce and has little or no self-awareness and the ability to seem like a sort of animatronic version of herself.

“It’s like she’s a wannabe Disney character.”

Speaking about her latest podcast episode during the course of the interview, Meghan, who also complained recently about being “reduced to a bimbo” on Deal or No Deal, said: “I spoke to Paris Hilton last week. I told her at the beginning that I was the most nervous about her interview.

“I was embarrassed to admit it, but I’ve had a judgment about her that’s based on everything I’ve seen, and I don’t like to come from a place of judgment. But I also didn’t grow up pretty.”

Asked to elaborate, she adds: “I grew up as the smart one. So much of what I ended up thinking about, when I thought about Paris, was envy and judgment – two of the most dangerous things.

“But then you hear about her trauma and her life and her buying into this persona. Ultimately, I told her, “I’m really sorry that I judged you.” I wanted her to be safe and comfortable. I told her I wasn’t looking for a “gotcha” moment. I want a “got you” moment, where we get you.

“But that episode is not framed as a defence of Paris; it’s the humanisation of her. And that’s true for everybody.” has approached the Sussexes via Archewell for comment.

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