Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to phone in to share Christmas joy with Queen

Meghan and Harry: Expert on decision to skip royal Christmas

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Stewart Pearce, Princess Diana’s former vocal coach, claimed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are extremely “extrovert” people who would be more than happy to share their American Christmas with the Royal Family virtually. Meghan Markle enjoyed Sandringham Christmas back in 2017, when she became the first “commoner” ever to be invited to be part of the celebration whilst still only engaged to Prince Harry.

Asked whether Meghan and Harry would phone the Queen on Christmas, Mr Pearce told Royally Us:  “I would imagine because they are both Harry and Meghan are extremely extrovert people.

“They will be really interested in sharing their Christmas in Los Angeles and also being part of the Sandringham Christmas.”

He continued: “I know that Meghan really enjoyed her time at Sandringham and, of course, she was very privileged because it was the first time that a fiancee of a member of the Royal Family was actually invited for Christmas.

“That was not something that is usually done right, so that’s a huge leeway isn’t it a huge access point for her match to draw Meghan in. 

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“And from all that I know even from the horse’s mouth, I know that they’re liked and loved and appreciated very fully.”

Meghan attended the Christmas service at St. Mary Magdalene Church in 2017 with the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Harry, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 

Prince Harry and Meghan chatted with the people who turned up for the day’s service, including 70-year-old Judith Wallis who said Meghan had “said lot of things” when chatting with her.

Ms Wallis said: “She was very, very lovely.”

Queen cancels Christmas party as she thinks about Sandringham

Fellow royal observer Tess Gilder said at the time: “She was just so natural, so lovely. I think they just wished us a happy Christmas and were interested in whether we had been before.”

While guest-editing the BBC’s Today programme, Prince Harry talked about Meghan’s experience at Sandringham saying she “really enjoyed it and the family really loved having her there.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex reportedly stayed at Anmer Hall, the Cambridge’s Norfolk estate, for three days.

Prince Harry said: “There’s always that family part of Christmas, but there’s that work element as well.


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“I think together we had an amazing time, staying with my brother and sister-in-law, running around with the kids and Christmas was fantastic.”

Royal commentator Richard Kay said: “I imagine it must have been incredible for Meghan, being introduced [to the family], not just having to get used to these sorts of foreign traditions, but then the whole obligation that comes with celebrating with the Royal Family where everything has to be just so.

“She would have been very worried, I’m sure, about putting a foot wrong.”

Meghan’s first Christmas present to the Queen was reportedly a hamster that made the Queen “burst out laughing.”

Her Majesty allegedly quipped: “It can keep my dogs company,”

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