Meghan Markle and Prince Harry warned Netflix want its ‘pound of flesh’ and royal secrets

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Royal expert Dickie Arbiter questioned why Netflix is so interested in Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. While speaking on TalkRadio with Dan Wootton, He warned the streaming giant may want their “pound of flesh” and want insights into the Royal Family from Meghan or Harry. He added that while they may have things to say after stepping down as senior royals, he cautioned not to unveil anything to Netflix.

The Royal expert also commented on the 4th season of royal drama The Crown and its responsibility to ensure people do not view it as historically accurate.

Mr Wootton said: “Prince Charles is said to be furious with Netflix for his portrayal in the new series of The Crown.

“Sources close to the Prince briefed the Mail on Sunday that it is trolling by Netflix on a Hollywood budget.

“Prince Harry and Meghan have signed a multi-million pound deal with Netflix.

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“Do you question the wisdom of that decision by the couple?”

Mr Arbiter admitted a deal with Netflix was not inherently a bad thing but warned of the streaming giant’s expectations.

He said: “I question the wisdom, not necessarily for signing a deal with Netflix but what are they signing a deal for.

“What are they going to do because they are not actually qualified.

“Well, Meghan is an actress and Harry isn’t and Netflix might want their pound of flesh out of Harry because he is still a member of the Royal Family.

“Although Harry has walked away from the firm and he probably has a lot to say, although I hope he is not going to say it, that is one issue.”

Mr Arbiter also reiterated his frustration with The Crown being seen as a documentary rather than a piece of fiction with real characters.

He continued: “I think the Prince of Wales is absolutely right talking about Netflix.

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“I don’t know about you but I have watched all ten episodes and it was appalling.

“I think Peter Morgan has come out over the last couple days and said it is not history it is not a documentary, it is drama and it is fiction.”

Mr Arbiter also explained what he hopes Netflix will do in future to avoid any confusion surrounding the accuracy of the show.

He said: “The trouble is, people watching it won’t accept it as fiction, they think it is gospel.

“I think what has got to happen now is that there has got to be a vocal warning at the beginning and end of the show.

“A warning saying you are about to watch an interpretation of events of the day, the script is fiction, the characters are real.

“This is so people can be under no apprehension that this is a work of fiction and it is not true to life.”

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