Meghan Markle and Prince Harry written off by British public in damning new poll

Meghan Markle and Harry: Expert discusses couple's future

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A new YouGov poll has indicated Meghan and Prince Harry are the only two prominent members of the Royal Family who are being seen under a slightly more negative light in recent days when compared to data gathered last month. A survey asking 1,730 adult Britons to indicate whether they had a positive or negative opinion of a series of members of the Firm has shown every royal taken into account, including Prince Andrew, has seen a growth of positive answers when compared to the same analysis carried out in March.

The survey was carried out between April 21 and 22 and was compared against the same question asked between March 11 and 12, just days after Meghan and Harry’s interview with Oprah Winfrey was broadcast.

The April study shows 43 percent of the Britons polled have a positive opinion of the Duke of Sussex while 49 percent have a negative one.

Compared to the data provided in mid-March by 1,664 British adults, Prince Harry has experienced a two percent decrease (45 percent) in the number of people seeing him under a positive light and a one percent increase (48 percent) of negative answers.

Similarly, 29 percent of the Britons polled in April by YouGov said to have a positive view of Meghan, while a month ago the number was slightly higher – 31 percent. 

The Duchess of Sussex has experienced a three percent growth in the number of people with a negative opinion of her, going from 58 percent to 61 percent.

Prince Andrew, whose popularity among Britons plummeted in the wake of his disastrous interview with Newsnight focused on his association with Jeffrey Epstein, remains the most disliked member of the Royal Family among those considered by the survey.

However, between March and April he experienced a slight uptick in popularity.

The Duke of York went from a 7 percent popularity rate in March to 10 percent. 

The number of people holding him under a negative light went down from 82 percent in March to 79 percent on April 21-22.

The YouGov poll also shows a popularity boost experienced by Prince Edward and Prince Charles.

The youngest child of the Queen and Prince Philip went from having 41 percent of Britons thinking positively of him in March to 54 percent in April.

Negative opinion fell from 26 percent to 19 percent.

Prince Charles also saw a nine point increase in favourable opinion, with 58 percent of the public now having a positive view of him against the number gathered in March (49 percent).

The share of Britons who dislike him has fallen by an identical nine points, from 42 percent to 33 percent.

The Queen remains firmly the most-appreciated member of the Royal Family, with her popularity growing from 80 percent to 85 percent over the past few weeks.

The percentage of people who said they have a negative opinion of the Queen fell from 14 to 9 percent.

According to YouGov, the positive trend in opinion of most of the royals included in the study “may be in part due to public sympathy in the wake of Prince Philip’s death”.

However, data journalist Eir Nolsoe added “it could also partly represent a reversion to normal opinion as memories of the Oprah interview fade.”

Indeed Prince Charles appeared to have been hit negatively by the two-hour-long tell-all interview, as between a favourability poll carried out on March 2 and the analysis dated March 11-12 he lost eight points.

Meghan and Harry’s popularity among Britons in the wake of the Oprah interview also suffered a heavy blow, as reported at the time.

The most recent favourability poll by YouGov considered the Queen, Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William, Kate, Prince Harry, Meghan, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

But it also analysed the views of Britons on the Royal Family as an institution.

The large majority of Britons, 63 percent, said the Firm is relevant to Britain in today’s world, against 27 percent of the people who think the Royal Family is no longer relevant and 11 percent who replied “don’t know”.

Again 63 percent of those polled answer the UK should continue to have a monarchy while 20 percent spoke in favour of an elected head of state.

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