Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s hospital dash MAPPED: Royals face 30 minute race

The rumours are the couple have chosen Frimley Park Hospital and the race will be on to get the Duchess from their marital home Frogmore Cottage, in Windsor, to the destination. The 16.5 mile journey is estimated to take 29 minutes from door to door, but if the driver puts their foot down it could be done within 20 minutes. However, the time of the journey will no doubt depend on the time of day or night. 

Local residents will attest to the snail’s pace which can be created by traffic snarl ups on the route.

Though her mind might be on more important issues the Duchess will be able to see a slice of Great Britain on her journey to labour. 

Royal Ascot racecourse will be one of the landmarks between Frogmore Cottage and Frimley Hospital.

Dating back to 1711 the odds are the old course will no doubt be silent as the couple passes, however, if Miss Markle is unlucky enough to start labour during a race meeting then the cars could be bumper to bumper on Kings Ride. 

If the mad dash happens on a bank holiday the royal procession might run into traffic in Bagshot backing up on London Road to get into Longacres Garden Centre, the biggest independent garden centre in the UK. 

Brits love a bit of DIY and outdoor furniture assembly and Longacres also has a florist and food hall.

This being Meghan’s first pregnancy she might need a “happy place” to look forward to as she goes through childbirth. If she happens to spot the Frimley Houes Toby Cavery from her window as she speeds down the M3 she could fantasise about three cuts of mean, all the vegetables she can fit on her plate and lashings of gravy and sauces. 

The couple will be also skirting one of the natural jewels in Berkshire’s crown – Lightwater Country Park. A series of serene and stunning landscapes in which wildlife is protected. 

There is a “cosy cafe’ as well as woodland trails in a park which prides itself at feeling like a wilderness.

The final stop of their final journey as a twosome will be Frimley Park Hospital which has private wing where the princess will have her own private doctors on hand  to help her delivery the royal baby.

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