Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s search for ‘purpose’ was behind Royal Family exit

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During Channel 5’s Jeremy Vine the panellists debated Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s exit from the Royal Family. Jasmine Dotiwala said the purpose the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have would have been unfulfilled by sitting back in their role with the Royal Family.

Ms Dotiwala said: “So many critics say they had it all, fame, riches, but all of that is nothing without a purpose.

“Look at the state of the previous royals, they are both like perfect soap-opera characters, but we have got to remember that they are not characters they are real people.

“On the one hand we have got a Prince that lost his mother as a young child and became a wild child before settling down.

“Juxtaposed with an American divorcee actress with her own brand and career.

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“They both have purpose, why should they be quiet and sit back?”

Anthea Turner replied: “They do have purpose but that purpose has now been completely and utterly messed around with.

“They had the perfect situation within the Royal Family.

“They could have done so much on their own platform, they could have rock and rolled it.”

Later in the Channel 5 programme Ms Dotiwala labelled Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are scapegoats for the Royal Family.

Ms Dotiwala argued greater attention should be placed on Prince Andrew instead of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Ms Dotiwala said: “What is so bad that she has done?

“When you say she has broken the rules, what has made you personally annoyed and really angry?

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“You guys do not even know this person.

“You guys are wondering why the media is spending so much time attacking Meghan and Harry instead of investigating Prince Andrew.

“Prince Andrew isn’t suing the media and seriously how are you going to be angry at this young couple?”

Ms Dotiwala added: “Meghan and Harry are the Royal Family’s scapegoats and I will leave it there.”

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