Meghan Markle apology ‘changes outlook’ of appeal as Duchess’ stance under scrutiny

Meghan Markle's apology 'changes outlook' of appeal says expert

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Royal expert Camilla Tominey reacted to Meghan Markle apologising to the Court of Appeal about a statement in her privacy case against the Mail on Sunday’s publishers. The Duchess of Sussex apologised to the court about “forgetting” authorising former aide Jason Knauf to aide two royal writers in their drafting the controversial biography Finding Freedom.

Speaking on LBC show, Nick Ferrari asked Camilla Tominey: “Do you think this is possibly if not a turning point, maybe a slight crack in the façade?”

Ms Tominey said: “Well, it certainly does change the outlook of this appeal in the sense that previously when there was the first hearing, there was a sense that Jason Knauf had been asked to give evidence.

“He said he would provide something neutral into both sides and that it wouldn’t necessarily support this view that he had helped to co-author the letter.

“The evidence he’s now submitted in this witness statement contains emails written by Harry and Meghan.”


She went on: “So that in itself is quite a strong indication of what their feelings were at the time. 

“And as you’ve already specified, they relate to whether they cooperated with the authors of this biography, but also as to what Megan’s intention was when she wrote that very heartfelt letter, handwritten to her father Thomas Markle in the first instance.

Meghan Markle won her privacy case against the publisher of the Mail on Sunday earlier this year after a letter to her father was published.

Ms Markle had previously claimed that she did not cooperate with the authors of the book Finding Freedom.


However, the Duchess has now remembered that she provided “briefing notes” to one of her key aides whom she knew was in touch with the book’s authors.

She said she had forgotten about it and had not intended to mislead the court.

In a witness statement, which like Mr Knauf’s was made public by lawyers after a request from the media, Meghan apologised.

She said: “In the light of the information and documents that Mr Knauf has provided, I accept that Mr Knauf did provide some information to the authors for the book and that he did so with my knowledge, for a meeting that he planned for with the authors in his capacity as communications secretary.”

In his evidence, Mr Knauf claimed the Duchess of Sussex had “lost confidence” that the privacy of her communications with her father would be respected by him.

He claimed: “The Duchess said she was writing the letter in part to allow the duke to demonstrate to his family that some action was being taken by the couple to stop Mr Markle from continuing to engage with the media.

“She added that ‘…while unlikely perhaps it will also give my father a moment to pause’.”

Mr Knauf added: “She asked me to review the text of the letter, saying ‘obviously everything I have drafted is with the understanding that it could be leaked so I have been meticulous in my word choice but please do let me know if anything stands out for you as a liability.”

The former aide also said that Meghan had queried whether she should call her father “daddy”, as she always had, in one of the messages the pair had exchanged over it.


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