Meghan Markle appears to PUSH Harry out the way mid-conversation at awards – ‘RUDE!’

The shocking moment between the Sussexes was captured on video by Daily Mail reporter Rebecca English and posted onto her Twitter account with the caption “some familiar Harry and Meghan PDA’S tonight.” It is not clear what Harry was saying to the lady in the footage, but it is evident that Meghan did not want to sidelined by her husband.

Twitter users couldn’t believe their eyes at the exchange, as they took to social media to share their views.

One said: “That isn’t PDA. That was Meghan interrupting their conversation, pulling him back so she could step in front of him to take over the conversation. I don’t care, it’s their marriage and I will never judge about that. But the video is clear, please don’t mislead or sugar coat.”

Another replied: “ Always pushing herself in front of Harry. RUDE.”

A third exclaimed: “Me first! Me first!”

Controversial TV star Katie Hopkins even waded into the conversation, as she commented: “Watch Meghan operate Harry.”

Then added: “Back pat says ‘get out of my way’. ‘Make me the focus.”

“Well trained Harry does as he is told.”

“Well trained Harry does as he is told.”

The footage comes after the pair attended the Endeavour Fund Awards last night at Mansion House.

Meghan made her first appearance in the UK for two months, wearing a figure-hugging Victoria Beckham dress that was reminiscent of her Hollywood days.

Body language expert Judi James explained: “With her glossy red lipstick, her smoky, more dramatic eye make-up and her simple but figure-hugging designer dress this was a much more showbiz looking version of Meghan, and her dazzling smile completed the look.”

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Judi added: “Harry’s eyes gleamed with delight and his wide, upturned smile that bared his upper teeth and rounded his blushing cheeks suggested happiness and pride as he led his wife by the arm.

“This appearance as a couple looked all about sending signals of unity and happiness.

“This suggests the move away from the royal firm was a decision they both endorsed and that they both gained strength from.”

Their body language also suggested they have started to embrace a more celebrity role, Judi explained.

“Their mirrored walks and their toned-in blue outfits emphasised the look of a celebrity power-couple,” the expert added.

Meghan and Harry have a number of official engagements lined up in the next few days with the Duke of Sussex joining Lewis Hamilton for the official opening on the Silverstone experience tomorrow.

On Saturday Meghan will join Harry for the Mountbatten Music festival and she is also expected to take part International Women’s Day tributes on Sunday, although the exact details have yet to be confirmed.

Meghan and Harry will then attend the Commonwealth Day service at Westminster on Monday afternoon with the Queen, Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William and Kate.

During their time in the UK, the Duke and Duchess will also hold private meetings with their patronages, which they will retain during the couple year-long transition period from April 1.

A spokeswoman for the couple said: “In addition to the official engagements the Duke and Duchess are conducting over the course of the next few days, they are also meeting privately with several of their patronages.

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