Meghan Markle applauds Harry for supporting women rights

Meghan and Harry: 'Royalty is bigger than any individual' says panelist

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Meghan Markle gave an insight into Prince Harry’s thoughts on women’s reproductive rights while speaking at Spotify’s female-run employee resource group. A news report stated that the Duchess of Sussex spoke about how her husband is a “feminist” while she highlighted the importance of women’s reproductive rights.

An attendee of the private event, which was held on Tuesday, confirmed to HELLO! that Meghan had spoken at the event on feminist issues, wearing a shirt that had the message: “Women. Life. Freedom,” written in the Farsi language.

The news report stated that when asked what she would say to men who support reproductive rights, Meghan replied: “Men need to be vocal in this moment and beyond because these are decisions that affect relationships, families, and communities at large.

“They may target women, but the consequences impact all of us.

“My husband and I talked about that a lot over the past few days. He’s a feminist too.”

While addressing the event, the Duchess of Sussex applauded the “courage” of protesters in Iran, who have been protesting since September 16 following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini.

On September 16, Mahsa died in police custody after she was arrested for allegedly incorrectly wearing the hijab.

Eyewitnesses say she was beaten by police while in custody, resulting in her death.

As a response to her death, mainly female protesters have been seen burning their hijabs in retaliation at what caused Mahsa to be arrested.

The Iranian government has been cracking down on the protestors, including regional internet blackouts and using tear gas and live rounds on protestors.

Iran Human Rights reports that at least 215 people have been killed since the protests began.

Meghan continued: “And his reaction last week was guttural, like mine.

“I know that for so many women right now, there is a sentiment of despair.

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“But again, we have to band together and not wallow. We have to do the work.”

The protests have posed one of the most serious challenges to the Iranian government since the 1979 revolution, with demonstrations spreading across the country and some people chanting slogans against Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

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