Meghan Markle ‘being very very clever’ as she ‘stays on edge’ to build up Sussex brand

Meghan Markle 'being very clever' with brand says host

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Meghan Markle has been praised for approaching the conundrum of setting up a new brand for team Sussex in a “very clever way”. In an interview with the New York Times, the Duchess of Sussex discussed her role in the paid parental leave debate as she dismissed accusations of using her title for “political” campaigning. Meghan said the issue of paid leave, which she has been supporting through calls to US Senators and a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, is “a humanitarian issue.”

Sunrise royal commentator Angela Mollard insisted that Meghan Markle is ‘being very clever’ with her brand as “half celebrity, half royalty”.

Ms Mollard said: “She’s very very polished in this interview.

“She starts off early saying that with privilege comes responsibility.

“So she’s positioning right there that this is something that she needs to do.”

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She added: “But as one of the senators said, and I thought was very interesting.

“She said I’m more interested in listening to my constituents in my electorate than I am in you know, a royal ringing her about the issue.

“So there’s a lot of beef about this but particularly in the UK at the moment if it’s right or wrong to use her status this way.

“Look, I think what she’s doing is being very very clever.”

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She claimed: “She’s almost creating this new brand, which is half celebrity half royalty.”

“I think she’s just on the edge of a lot of it not being okay.”

“But that said, America is one of the only six countries in the world as she points out that doesn’t have paid parental leave.”

“It’s very backward in a nation of that size to not have that provision.”


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Meghan and Harry chose to step down as senior members of the Royal Family in January 2020. 

They have since moved to Montecito, California. 

It was been long-anticipated that Meghan will break into the world of politics, with speculation about the Duchess seeking to run for the White House in the future.

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