Meghan Markle branded ‘egotistical’ over latest podcast

Meghan Markle ‘targeted Harry’ says Bower

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Meghan Markle’s latest Archetypes podcast has been criticised as “massively egotistical” by a former aide to Margaret Thatcher. The Duchess was talking to celebrity guests in the latest episode of her Spotify podcast, which was released on Tuesday (October 11).

But the episode featuring Indian actress Deepika Padukone, comedian Jenny Slate and actress Constance Wu drew criticism from a former aide of Mrs Thatcher.

Sharing his opinion on Twitter, Nile Gardiner wrote: “Another completely pointless, massively egotistical, hubris-filled podcast from Meghan Markle.”

During the podcast, Meghan told listeners: “Raise your hand if you’ve ever been called crazy or hysterical, or what about nuts? Insane, out of your mind, completely irrational, OK? You get the point.

“Now, if we were all in the same room and could see each other, I think it would be pretty easy to see. Just how many of us have our hands up? By the way, me too.”

Meghan added: “Calling someone crazy or hysterical completely dismisses their experience and minimises what they’re feeling.

“It keeps going to the point where anyone who’s been labelled it enough times can be gaslit into thinking that they’re actually unwell or sometimes worse, to the point where real issues of all kinds get ignored. Well, that’s not happening today.

“I feel pretty strongly about this word, this label ‘crazy’, the way that it’s thrown around so casually and the damage – it’s rotten (for) society and women, frankly everywhere.

“From relationships to families being shattered, the reputations destroyed and careers ruined. The stigma surrounding the word, it also has this silencing effect.


“This effect, women experiencing real mental health issues, they get scared, they stay quiet, they internalise, and they repress for far too long.”

She also said she finds it difficult to cry as she is conditioned to have a certain kind of composure but she wants to let it out.

Meghan and Harry, 38, stepped back from royal duties in January 2020, becoming financially independent.

The couple moved to Montecito, California in August of the same year. Since quitting their roles as senior royals the Sussexes have struck lucrative deals wit Netflix and Spotify.

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Asked how long-lasting the global Sussex brand can be now Prince Harry and Meghan have stepped back from royal duties, ex-Vanity fair editor Tina Brown said the Duke would always be royal as the son of King Charles and Princess Diana.

Ms Brown told the Cheltenham Literature Festival on Tuesday: “He will always have the iconic status that that has. He does have an identity, his Invictus [Games] has an authenticity and people relate to that.”

She added: “I think Meghan does really need to find the thing she cares about the most and develop her own sort of brand that isn’t just a grievance brand, that is actually something we recognise as hers.

“It’s hard to find that and I think she hasn’t yet found that, but I think she could if she rows back from the focusing always on what didn’t work.”

Bollywood star Ms Padukone detailed her own mental health struggles during the latest Archetypes podcast, revealing how she ended up in a “dark place”.

She said: “You just feel hopeless. (There is this) feeling of emptiness and hollowness and hopelessness.”

Ms Padukone got help after talking to a family friend who was a counsellor, and set up a foundation called Live Love Laugh to help those living with mental health issues.

Meghan responded, saying that, when she was at her “worst point”, her husband, Harry, made a mental health referral for her.

She said: “My husband had found a referral for me to call. And I called this woman and she didn’t even know I was calling her… and she was checking out at the grocery store.

“I could hear the little beep, beep … She could hear the dire state that I was in.

“But I think it’s for all of us to be really honest about what it is that you need and to not be afraid and make peace with that, to ask for it.”

The Duchess also cited the word hysteria coming from the Greek for womb, saying: “Plato himself was actually amongst the Greek philosophers who believed that the womb would travel around the body adding pressure to other organs, which would then lead to erratic and unreliable behaviour.

“By the way, the DSM – the book to diagnose mental disorders – hysteria was an actual medical diagnosis until 1980.”

Ms Slate said: “Hysteria, craziness, like it’s a disease of the people with the uteri, like, the people with the emotions.

“It is a definition created by a man. It is a definition meant to shame and limit a certain type of experience.”

Meghan is said to have been inspired by her podcast to launch a fund aimed at empowering young adults with a million-dollar (£896,000) scheme to support women in need.

It was announced last week that she and the Duke of Sussex are involved in the charitable project inviting 14 to 18-year-olds in the US to give a $1,000-(£896) grant to a woman of their choice. The scheme, in partnership with The Ving Project, aims to spark the next generation of philanthropists.

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