Meghan Markle drove wedge between ‘three musketeers’ Harry, Will, Kate

Meghan Markle ‘a narcissist’ says expert

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Meghan Markle drove a wedge between Prince Harry and the Firm, according to a royal expert. Royal author Tom Bower claimed that before Meghan arrived on the scene, Prince William, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton were extremely “close friends” known as the “three musketeers”.

“The tragedy, and it is a tragedy, in all this is that until Meghan appeared on the scene Harry and William were very, very close friends. They were known as the three musketeers with Kate. They were an extremely happy group, the three of them,” Mr Bower author of the book Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors claimed.

He added: “When Meghan arrived, her first appearance in public with the three, it was meant to be the fab four. On stage it began to unravel as Meghan began saying how she would use her new status to campaign.”

Mr Bower claims that William and Kate argued “that’s not what the Royal Family does” and he claimed even Harry had apprehensions.

“Meghan has a history of disturbing relationships within the family and, as predicted by many people, she has now destroyed the relationship between Harry and his family,” claimed Mr Bower on The Megyn Kelly Show.

He questioned whether Prince Harry realised how he had “completely cut himself off” from his family, adding that it was “quite extraordinary that Harry thinks this can all, somehow, go unchallenged”.

The Palace, so far, has kept quiet since the release Meghan and Harry’s six episode Netflix series on December 8 and 15.

However, Harry is set to appear in three interviews – one with ITV’s Tom Bradby, one on 60 minutes with Anderson Cooper and a final interview on Good Morning America with Michael Strahan – and his memoir Spare is set to hit bookshelves next week.

Leaked excerpts from the memoir have rocked royal watchers and sparked intense debate around the globe over the allegations contained within the pages. The Duke of Sussexes’ claims about Prince William have been particularly pointed.

“King Charles III hates confrontations, he is riddled with guilt about what happened to his marriage and his children. It is very hard to see that he will do the right thing, which is to challenge his son’s recollection,” claimed Mr Bower.

He added: “That’s the problem, they are hiding at the moment, in my view, in Buckingham Palace. They are hoping it will go away, and it won’t.”

Prince Harry’s interview with Anderson Cooper will air Sunday at midnight GMT on CBS’s 60 minutes. CBS is not available in the United Kingdom but clips of the sit down will likely appear on the network’s YouTube channel.

The Duke’s interview with Tom Bradby airs on ITV at 7pm GMT, also on Sunday.

He will also appear on Good Morning America with Michael Strahan on Monday, January 9 at 7am EST. This will be followed by a special, “Prince Harry: In His Own Words | Michael Strahan Reporting” later on ABC News Live.

Spare is available to buy from all bookshops and audiobook providers from January 10.

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