Meghan Markle fans slams ‘narcissistic’ half-sister Samantha after new attack on Duchess

Meghan Markle's half-sister reacts to poll results

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Meghan Markle once again became the subject of a vitriolic attack from half-sister Samantha Markle. But supporters of the Duchess of Sussex immediately shut down the sibling, calling on “obsessed” Samantha to put an end to her row with Meghan. The new rant came as it was announced Meghan Markle had recorded a new interview with US talk show presenter Ellen DeGeneres.

Samantha Markle told GB News: “I think the poll results were accurate, the pulse from the people now really suggest the public can see through PR. 

“They can see through what’s printed and certainly access someone from survival action and use deductive reasoning and form those opinions so they are not unfounded.

“And I would agree.”

But supporters of the Duchess of Sussex immediately rose to the challenge to defend the royal from her half-sister’s swipes.

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Twitter user Mafri15 said: “She should go sit down. She is still making money off her sister.

“Sister indeed. Glad I don’t have one.”

Robert Parker commented: “You are obsessed.”

And Byron Leigh said: “Does Samantha believe she will go down in history? I think you will for not the reasons you think.


“You will go down history as someone who exploited your sister’s fame.

“The fact you think you will go down as someone noteworthy is narcissistic.”

Samantha recently announced she is considering plans to file a lawsuit against Meghan over a controversial book for “defamation, libel and slander” as well as “breach of privacy”.

She has told reporters she plans on launching legal action in the UK and in the US.


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The Duchess of Sussex and her sister have had a fraught relationship for years and they are believed not to have seen each other since before Meghan married Prince Harry in 2018.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have departed the Royal Family in 2020, citing the desire to become financially independent and live a more private life.

The pair participated in a highly-publicised interview with talk show star Oprah Winfrey in March, during which they discussed their decision to step down amid growing pressure.

They now reside in Montecito with their two children, Archie Harrison, and Lilibet Diana.

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