Meghan Markle goes into ‘full US political wife mode’ in Heart of Invictus scene

Meghan Markle’s appeal as a presidential candidate

Meghan Markle revealed her political ambitions in Prince Harry’s new Heart of Invictus documentary series on Netflix, according to a body language expert.

Heart of Invictus, the five-part series executively produced by Prince Harry that hit the online streaming platform on Wednesday, barely features the Duchess of Sussex.

But in one scene, she shares an emotional message about family as she took to the stage at the Invictus Games in the Netherlands in 2022.

Meghan opened the event – hounded by her husband in 2014 – by paying tribute to the “service” and “dedication” from the veterans’ loved ones.

This gave an insight into the former actress going into “full US political wife mode”, according to one body language expert.

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In the fourth of five episodes, Meghan is also seen thanking the family and friends of the former soldiers taking part.

She says: “Thank you so much for your service and thank you to all the family and friends who are here supporting you along the way. Because this is service, this is dedication and this is the Invictus family.”

Body language expert Ms James said this small interaction demonstrated Meghan’s three “tells”.

She told The Sun: “Meghan addresses the athletes and the audience using words and tone to suggest she is fully immersed in Invictus to the point where she is motivating, praising and reminding them who they are.

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“She uses the political trait of listing three points that always gets any audience clapping.

“After her ‘Good evening everyone’, with a slight inflection in her voice suggesting ‘Yes, it’s me!’, she pauses giggling and turning her gaze round as the audience cheer loudly.”

Ms James also commented on the emotional statement from Meghan, where she says: “This is service, this is dedication and this is the Invictus family.

The body language expert analysed: “Each one coming with a precision downward point of one hand for emphasis and each one making it sound like she is very much one of that family.”

The Duchess of Sussex has been tipped to one day enter US politics following a series of interventions she has made since leaving as a senior working member of the Royal Family – lobbying politicians for changes to parental leave and climate policy.

Last year, she was interviewed by feminist pioneer Gloria Steinem for Vogue, where she spoke about the US Supreme Court overturning the historic ruling from the Wade v Roe case in 1973 on abortion.

Last month, it was reported that president Joe Biden’s sister Valerie Biden Owens, who is also his political strategist, has endorsed Meghan as a potential candidate for the hot seat.

The Duchess also topped a poll in which Democrats were asked which women they would vote for. She tied with Vice President Kamala Harris, and was ahead of former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, according to MailOnline.

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