Meghan Markle highlights common trait shared with Paris Hilton

Meghan Markle discusses her Spotify podcast series 'Archetypes'

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Meghan Markle revealed a common feature she shares with guest star Paris Hilton in the latest episode of her Archetypes podcast “Breaking Down the Bimbo”. Paris Hilton opened up about how she felt she had to fit the mould and embody that “dumb blonde” persona in front and behind cameras when her real personality did not match that character. 

She said she is now advocating against women’s objectification on TV shows and for a more accurate portrayal of female characters on television.

Paris Hilton said: “I just feel that it wasn’t a good feeling for people to think of me in a way that I wasn’t.

“And I’m thinking about having my daughter one day and what I want her to be like. 

“I don’t want her to think it’s cool to pretend to be a dumb blonde or dumb herself down for society or anything like that.”

Ms Hilton added: “I want her to feel free to be whoever she wants to be and feel strong, brave and not let the world take that away from her. 

Meghan Markle said: “Yeah, it sounds like to me – maybe it takes one to know one – but it feels like you’re a bit of a people pleaser. 

“And I wonder if you ever found yourself – even as strong as you are now, clear as you are on how you are – that because people want that Paris, do you ever find yourself slipping into that dumb blonde persona just to make them happy?

“And then, you catch yourself?”

Ms Hilton said: “Yeah, a lot. When I get shier or uncomfortable, my voice will go up. Or people come out to me and want me to say: ‘That’s hot’ and ‘Loves it’. They want me to be that character. 

“I feel like it will always kind of be a part of me because it’s almost been half my life of doing that. 

“But I’m so proud of the business that I’ve built and everything that I’ve created. And business people that I respect are coming up to me and are just saying: ‘I’m blown away by what you’ve created, what you’ve done.’

“So I love now that people are realising that I wasn’t the dumb blonde.”

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Ms Markle exclaimed: “Surprise!”

Ms Hilton said: “Yeah, exactly.”

Ms Markle continued: “I think for you, not is it turning your pain into purpose but this is going to be part of your life journey – that advocacy. And it sounds like what makes me the happiest – because looking to the other side of things and I think probably for you – realising that it is never too late to fully discover who you are.”

The two women shared their struggle of overcoming their respective personas in the TV industry, with Meghan opening up about her stint as a Deal or No Deal briefcase girl where she said she felt objectified.

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