Meghan Markle ‘needs a win’ after series of Sussex blunders

Harry and Meghan ‘definitely invited to coronation’ says expert

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Meghan Markle “needs a win” after public opinion turned on her after the release of her Netflix documentary and Prince Harry’s memoir. A Redfield & Wilton poll of 2,000 Americans conducted in January showed the Duchess of Sussex’s popularity had dropped to -13 compared to a +23 polling score recorded the previous month. Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield claimed Meghan is now hoping to turn the tides and seeking advice on how to stop support from haemorrhaging further.

The To Di For Daily podcast founder and host said: “Harry and Meghan thought that the book, Netflix series, and Spotify podcast would send them off in a completely different direction – a fulfilling and financially successful direction.

“We know from the Netflix series alone that they started developing some of these projects in late 2019.

“I have heard that Meghan is dissatisfied with the public and media reaction to their recent projects.

“So much so that she is seeking guidance from mentors to redirect her pursuits.”

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Schofield suggested the media blitz Meghan and Harry went on between December and January massively changed public opinion.

She noted that while the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had previously been the victims of royal mistreatment, they had now turned into “laughing stocks.”

The royal expert told Fox News Digital: “Meghan does not handle rejection well and is very sensitive to criticism. ‘

“Spare was the first real shift we saw from the general public about the Sussexes.

Meghan Markle: Expert speculates on release of her own book

“They went from being seen as victims and heroes to a laughingstock.

“Lampooned during Hollywood award show monologues, late-night talk shows and now South Park… She is taken aback by it and unhappy with the negative attention.”

Schofield added: “Some might argue that Harry and Meghan tried to beat Hollywood to the punch by participating in quirky skits for Ellen DeGeneres and James Corden, but those fell flat… and are long forgotten.

“Meghan needs a win. Is it the judge throwing out the legal case involving Samantha? Maybe.

“Is it a new brand deal? Perhaps. A favourable interview and magazine cover? Could be.”


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A parody of the couple appeared in one of the latest instalments of the US comedy cartoon titled the World-Wide Privacy Tour.

In the episode, an unnamed “Prince of Canada” and his wife are seen to be moving to the fictional town of South Park, Colorado before launching a “we want privacy tour.”

The characters were made to go around carrying placards reading “stop looking at us” and “we want our privacy” while donning clothes similar to outfits worn by Harry and Meghan on public outings.

A source close to the couple told The Spectator that Meghan was left “upset and overwhelmed” by the South Park parody.

A spokesperson for the couple later branded the episode “boring and baseless” as they shut down speculation about the couple suing the creators.

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