Meghan Markle outrage: Piers Morgan back Kate and William for ‘stepping up’ after Megxit

On Tuesday, Piers appeared on The Talk, where he spoke to the panel including Sharon Osbourne, about Kate Middleton’s appearance on a podcast. The GMB host said that the Duchess’s decision to talk candidly about her pregnancy on Giovanna Fletcher’s ‘Happy Mum, Happy Baby’ show, indicates how the Cambridges have “stepped up” in the past month since the fallout of Megxit.

He said: “ What’s interesting about this is Kate Middleton doesn’t normally do podcasts or interviews.

“So what you’re seeing is Meghan and Harry quit Britain, quit the Royals, they don’t want to do it anymore, they want to go and speak to banks and be celebrities. That’s fine. But they’ve got leave the work, the duty, now for the other royals.

“So in stepped William and Kate. And I think they’ve really stepped up. “

The surprising decision for Kate to speak about her morning sickness and “mum guilt” on the podcast has won the royal praise from fans on social media.

One Twitter user said: “Top Show! Top Episode! And yet, no controversy here, and no drama. Just her true beautiful genuine self!

Another replied: “ It’s the first time we’ve really heard the future queen talk at length—and she nailed it.”

A third exclaimed: “ WOW!!!! Just 2 very down to earth mums talking the emotional rollercoaster that is motherhood!!!! It makes me feel that it doesn’t matter who u r we all as mums have our days of struggles and mum guilt!!! Thank you @MrsGiFletcher @KensingtonRoyal #KateMiddleton”

Giovanna is married to former Mcfly singer Tom Fletcher and hosts the weekly podcast which touches on different aspects of parenthood.

Previous guests on the podcast have included TV host Jeff Brazier and reality star Kate Wright.

It was certainly an untraditional move for the Duchess, and perhaps a further indicator that she is now prepared to ‘use her voice’ to create meaningful conversation.

Piers said Tuesday: “I think in Britain there is a real feeling of warmth towards them for now taking then duty that Meghan and Harry have abandoned.

“And I think particularly people feel for the Queen. She’s 93. Her husband, Phillip, is 98. He’s been very ill, he’s been in hospital and they really feel she’s been under huge pressure.

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“And I think that Kate and William, all credit to them, when the pressure has been on, they’ve stepped on and they’re doing the work that needs to be done. And I really salute them.”

There has also been ongoing speculation about whether Prince Charles will become Monarch.

Piers told the panel at The Talk that he believes that it would cause trouble for anyone to interfere with the natural succession process.

He explained: “It’s a job for life. They believe in the natural order of things. So they believe if you try and interfere with that and all sorts of trouble starts.

“The queen mother was 101. The queen is 93. I suspect she will live until 100. And when she dies, it goes to Charles if he’s still alive, obviously.

“The royal family believes that you have to keep it natural and the natural order.

“So there’s a real issue about the future of the British monarchy. I love the royals. The Megxit thing has been a big blow to the monarchy and a lot of that will depend on William and Kate and I wish them the very best and I’m totally supportive of it.”

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