Meghan Markle receives heartfelt apology from brother Thomas Jr ‘Feel like an a**!’

Thomas Markle Jr talks about reaching out to Meghan

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During his time in Big Brother VIP in Australia, Thomas Markle Jr. penned an emotional apology letter to his sister Meghan Markle hoping to reunite. The Duchess of Sussex’s half-brother, who got evicted from the show this week, admitted to regretting his past behaviour towards his half-sister. He also urged Meghan to contact their father, Thomas Markle Sr, but conceded a “small act of God” may be required for the pair to make peace.

The Morning Show host Larry Edmur asked whether the public letters to Meghan will reach the Duchess: “Do you think she knows that you are writing these letters when you talk about them on primetime TV?

He replied: “Absolutely yeah, what better way to do it? Since we have to live our lives out in the media anyway, it’s not like I can pick up the phone and call her. 

“She’ll get this for sure.”

Co-host Kylie Gillies chipped in: “But if your letters didn’t do it,  what do you think it will take now for Meghan to reach out to you or your Dad?

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“Do you think she is more likely to reach out to you or your father?”

Thomas Jr said: “Well for her to reach out now, I think it was going to take another small act of God but hopefully she’ll reach out to my father.”

The emotional letter came after Thomas Markle Jr. wrote an aggravating letter coming from the “very dark and hurt” part of his heart. 

Meghan’s brother had previously branded the Duchess as a “jaded, shallow and conceited” woman but he backtracked and apologised in his latest attempt to get in touch with her.

The note read: “I’m here to prove to myself and to the entire world that Tom Markle is an awesome person.

“To show Meghan Markle I’m not the jerk from the tabloids in this whole big misunderstanding.”

He continued: “The first thing I want to say to both to you is I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart for the awful mean letter that I wrote to you prior to your wedding and I want both of you to know it did not come from the real person I am but came from a very dark and hurt part of my heart.

“I am not a mean person at all and I have more love inside me to give than anything…A real nightmare and constant pressure I wish I could turn the clock and do it all over knowing what I know now.


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“I feel like a complete a** for what I have done.

“I am so so proud of you and truly I am so happy for you and Harry and I love you.

“What I did to you with that letter is quite possibly the biggest mistake of my life.”

Meghan Markle has had a fraught relationship with her father’s side of the family since before she married Prince Harry in 2020.

She is currently embroiled in a legal battle over a letter she penned to her father Thomas Markle Sr in which she urged him to stop discussing their relationship in the media.

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