Meghan Markle says young people ‘set the tone’ as she encourages new war on climate change

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Meghan Markle broke her silence once again as she took part in the Girl Up leadership conference. The summit is a gender equality initiative of the United Nations Foundation. The royal was vocal about a number of issues, including the issue of climate change, which she and Harry have spoken out about in the past before stepping down as senior royals.

The Duchess of Sussex has called on young women across the world to keep “pushing’” for a “more inclusive” and “more just” society during an impassioned speech about gender equality and female empowerment

However, the Duchess of Sussex used her platform to bring up a number of other issues she is passionate about, including climate change.

Meghan said young people were “setting the tone for an equitable humanity”.

She added: “This is a humanity that desperately needs you…

“And to not only frame the debate, but be in charge of the debate – on racial justice, gender, climate change, mental health and well-being, on civic engagement, on public service, on so much more.”

During the ten minute speech, Meghan urged viewers to put pressure on those in “places of power”.

She said leaders “don’t listen until they have to”.

She added: “Keep challenging, keep pushing, make them a little uncomfortable.

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“Don’t be afraid to do what you know is right even when it’s not popular.

“Your gut will tell you what’s right and what’s wrong; what’s fair and unfair.

“The hardest part — and it was the hardest part for me — is to chase your convictions with action.”

Turning momentarily from the camera, she said: “I will be cheering you on, so will my husband, so will Archie, as you all continue marching, advocating, leading the way.”

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The speech comes not long after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry came under fire for their petrol-guzzling vehicles driven around their LA mansion.

The pair have been spotted in a black Cadillac Escalade in Beverly Hills which has sparked controversy with the couple being so vocal about climate change.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s SUV has a six-litre engine and is believed to cost around £80,000.

Online reviews have called the low-miles-per-gallon vehicle about as far from environmentally friendly.

However, Harry did a speech last year in which he insisted “we can all do better” when it came to individual choices around saving the environment.

In his speech, Harry said: “I’ve learned that we cannot dismiss the idea of trying to do something, just because we can’t do everything.

“We can all do better.

“And while no one is perfect, we are all responsible for our own individual impact; the question is what we do to balance it out.”

The couple have previously been criticised for their use of private jets despite setting an eco-friendly agenda.

Harry even a new global initiative aimed at encouraging more sustainable and environmentally friendly travel last year.

Just weeks before the prince launched his initiative it was revealed he and Meghan had flown on four private planes in 11 days.

Sir Elton John revealed he paid for the Duke and Duchess to travel by private jet to his home in Nice, France.

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