Meghan Markle taken aback by ‘RELENTLESS’ online trolling – ‘The spotlight can be harsh’

But she will take inspiration from Princess Diana, while husband Prince Harry has a “new sense of vigour” ever since the former Suits star became his wife last year, James Brookes, Editor of the Royal Central website, suggested. Early this month the Royals rolled out a new social media policy which will see abusive messages deleted and trolls blocked, in the wake of distasteful abuse targeted at the Duchess of Sussex, including hurtful claims that she is faking her pregnancy. James Brookes, of the Royal Central website, said: “As an actress, she’ll be used to the media attention, the cameras, the journalists, the PR people, and from her early conversations with Harry, she’ll have had expectations for how life as a royal is; that the spotlight is bright and can be harsh, especially for the younger generation. 

“I think the unexpected part will have been the relentlessness of the coverage – often on seemingly minor things – and naturally the amount of abuse directed at her by some.

“Given those circumstances, I think she’s coping well.

“Joining a family like this is a learning curve for anyone, let alone Meghan, who’s had a different set of experiences before coming in to it. 

“Remember, Diana was from the aristocracy and still had to adjust. 

“Likewise with Kate, who was more familiar with the royals overall growing up. 

“Meghan’s had the added challenge of growing up in a different country where values and society workings are different and so that learning curve has been steep, but I think she seems to have carried off a busy year of engagements very well.”

Mr Brookes said despite persistent claims of a feud between Meghan and her sister in law, there was no reason to believe they did not get on.

He said: “She seems to have the right attitude to the work. She’s shown she wants to get on with it and seems willing to learn too. 

Her and the Duchess of Cambridge are different people with different approaches and, ultimately, different responsibilities and paths. What does it matter if they’re best friends or not?

James Brookes

“Her and the Duchess of Cambridge are different people with different approaches and, ultimately, different responsibilities and paths. 

“What does it matter if they’re best friends or not? 

“As royals, they share a similar goal – to champion causes that needs the help – and both have done that well.”

As for Meghan’s much-discussed social activism, which saw her visit a community centre near Grenfell Tower after the tragic fire, Mr Brookes said it was “not something to be knocked”.

He explained: “It’s simply about looking at how it feeds in to the royal family’s wider work and adapting it where necessary. 

“She’s got a wealth of experience, which could benefit her and other royals. Stuff like this is a long-burner; it takes time to develop and evolve.

“Harry seems perfectly happy. It’s clear that he’s still protective of Meghan and wants to give her the support, not only as she gets to grips with royal life but also while she’s pregnant, and all of this is a team effort remember. 

“On official visits, they’re both focussed and engaged and it’s nice to see his cheekiness is still there. Having the stability of Meghan by his side, and a new son or daughter on the way, seems to have given Harry a sense of vigour when it comes to his work.”

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