Meghan Markle to focus on ‘resurrecting acting career’ after royal split

The Duchess of Sussex’s agent Nick Collins is said to think that a “big, ensemble film” is the best way to get her back into acting after rumours circulated that Meghan has asked her agents to “actively search” for a suitable role.

Meghan, who is believed to have signed a charity voice-over deal with Disney, apparently wants to star in a superhero movie like other actresses such as Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba.

This comes after the duchess and Prince Harry announced they would be stepping down as senior members of the Royal Family and splitting their time between the UK and Canada.

A source told The Sun: “He has said she wants her return to acting to be part of an ensemble cast in something like a superhero film.

“He’s actively seeking such a movie for her. He’s saying she is available and open to the best offers.

“Meghan is planning a series of meetings in Hollywood.

“She has already done the voiceover for Disney and now word is out that she’s looking for a superhero film, as a voiceover or even on screen.”

The couple have also been making regular visits to the US attending events in Miami.

Disney owns Marvel and has the rights to all of its comic-book characters, which could make it possible for Meghan to star in a superstar movie for the studio.

JUST IN: Meghan Markle’s brother ‘homeless after being associated’ with duchess

Meghan’s agent, Nick Collins, represented Meghan during her stint on the legal drama Suits.

Collins, agent of Hollywood’s formidable Gersh Agency, is said to have been actively searching for a a superhero role for the Duchess.

However, the source said the Duchess admits her title is an obstacle when taking a lead role.

Nonetheless, Markle is determined to land her dream role.

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They added: ”She knows she can’t carry a film as an actress.

“People won’t be able to get past the fact she’s Meghan Markle.

“But she’s determined to act again and she thinks a big, ensemble film is the way to go… something that pays big but which doesn’t put her front and centre.”

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle’s brother Thomas Markle Jr. has lashed out at his sister after revealing he’s homeless and has split up with his fiancé.

In an explosive interview, the 53-year-old blamed his sister for his situation.

Speaking to New Idea, Mr. Markle said: “Being associated with Meghan has nearly destroyed me.”

Thomas claims to have lost jobs because of the notoriety of being related to the duchess, and has been left unable to get a new one.

What’s more, Tom revealed he is considering changing his surname to escape its “curse”.

He said: “I am homeless and could have been under a bridge with a cardboard sign begging for money but thankfully my mum has taken me in.

“Meghan could have helped me or got someone else at the palace to do so.”

He went on to call Meghan and Prince Harry “hypocrites” for accepting paid jobs after leaving the palace.

Mr. Markle added: “With everything going on currently, with them leaving the palace and doing things for money, it makes them hypocrites because we, the family, have all been blamed for making money and now they’re doing the same thing. The only difference is, we’re all broke.”

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