Meghan Markle urged ‘return Sussex title’ as Duchess eyes her own chat show

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In a poll of 6,707 voters, held from December 22 to 24, a staggering 97 percent of participants said Meghan should not start her own chat show. A reader nicknamed ‘pure sense’ said: “I think I speak for the majority when I say the people have heard enough from Meghan. We eagerly anticipate some of that privacy they promised us, long ago.”


Another reader, Svart Katt, joked: “I’ve been saying for months that Markle should have her own chat show…but with a twist.

“Luvvies could be invited on to hear Meghan talk about HERSELF!

“The show could be called ‘My Truth’ and Harry could serve canapés and drinks before the show.”

The chat show in the works reportedly has a working title of “Tea With Duchess Meghan”, and is inspired by her recent appearance on the Ellen Show where the Duchess took part in a comical skit.

During the programme Meghan made viewers laugh by eating like a chipmunk, doing squats, and drinking milk from a baby bottle.

The source close to Meghan told Heat magazine: “Meghan was rejuvenated by the whole Ellen experience and came home excited about what a dream job it would be for her.

“The idea of picking whomever she wants to interview while having plenty of fun and also addressing the topics she cares about is really starting to appeal – especially as it will boost her popularity.

“She knows there’s no way her and Harry would have been permitted to sit down with Ellen if they were still serving royals, and that’s just plain ridiculous in her view.”

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However, some royal fans are against the idea of Meghan hosting a chat show as the ‘Duchess of Sussex’.

One Express reader, going by ‘Meto’, said: “If she wants to do a chat show then that’s up to her, but she should not be allowed to use her title in anyway and it should never be aired in Britain.”

Another reader, who calls herself ‘Grandma Sue’, added: “Once she gives up her title, she can do what the heck she likes BUT SHE HAS TO LOSE ALL TITLES!

“She can have her chat show as Mrs Windsor but never be allowed to mention the name Duchess of Sussex ever again.”

Whilst Toffy agreed: “Return the title and then she can do what she wants but until then show a bit of respect to our Monarch.”

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