Meghan Markle WARNING: Duchess ‘needs to remember’ there is only one STAR in monarchy

Meghan Markle should remember she now plays a “supporting role” to the Queen and is no longer the “star”, claimed a former palace press secretary. Dickie Arbiter also believes Meghan will be back in the public eye in the Autumn, following the royal baby’s birth. Mr Arbiter told Nine News Australia: “I think one of the things Meghan has got to remember, yes she was the star of soap but there is only one star in the monarchy and that is the Queen. Everybody else is a supporting player. What Meghan has got to do is forget she’s on the red carpet of show business.

“She’s now on the crimson carpet of monarchy and she plays a supporting role. Not just to Harry but to the Queen as well.”

Referring to Tatler’s report of palace staff nicknaming Meghan ‘Me-Gain’, Mr Arbiter commented: “I put a big question mark over it, it’s very easy to write anything you like as long as it is not libellous they are not going to be sued. Kensington Palace or even Buckingham Palace will just throw their arms up in horror and say ‘well today’s story is tomorrow’s history’.

“So they will just shrug it off. But the officials yes there are probably one or two, maybe three or four, who might not like the way that Meghan operates but Meghan is Meghan.

“Harry is besotted as we’ve seen and that is the one truth that really comes out of this particular Tatler article.

She’s now on the crimson carpet of monarchy and she plays a supporting role

Dickie Arbiter

“But Meghan has got to settle down, she has done incredibly well, she did incredibly well with Harry when they were touring the United Kingdom before the wedding.

“She’s done well at various engagements with charities since the wedding. She’s now on maternity leave, she’s now gathering her charities around her and she will come back on the scene I reckon in the Autumn.

“But she’s got to think how she’s got to operate and the way she’s got to operate, listen to your officials, listen to your press secretary and operate under their advice.

“Don’t try and be clever, don’t try and do things yourself and don’t do things to encourage writers to write the sort of things that Tatler has written.”

Meghan is close to the end of her pregnancy, and that means it is just weeks to go until the Royal Family grows by one member.

Meghan and Harry married on May 19, 2019, and will celebrate their wedding anniversary with their newborn son or daughter.

Much of Meghan’s pregnancy, including the gender, due date and exactly how far along she is has been kept under close wraps so far.

Meghan revealed in January she was six months pregnant during a walkabout in Birkenhead, telling one fan she was due in late April. This would put Meghan at more than eight months pregnant now.

Spring is a busy period for the Royal Family, celebrating several birthdays and anniversaries, but baby Sussex could be born on a very special date.

According to bookmakers Ladbrokes, April 21 to 24 are the most likely days Meghan will give birth, all at 4/1.

Should Meghan and Harry’s baby be born on April 21, they would share a birthday with the Queen.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “We’re just weeks away from welcoming Harry and Meghan’s firstborn into the world, and we could be doing exactly that on the Queen’s 93rd birthday.”

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