Meghan Markle’s exit was ‘tragedy’ for Royal Family, says Diana biographer

Meghan Markle's reasons for leaving royals questioned by Rae

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The pair made the shock announcement in January 2020, and subsequently moved to the US with their son, Archie. Since then Meghan and Harry have publicly spoke about the difficulties they faced as royals, including mental health issues it caused and even alledged racism. Since leaving for their new life, Meghan has not returned to British soil, and Harry has returned just twice, for Prince Philip’s funeral and the unveiling of the statue of his late mother, Princess Diana. 

When Meghan first joined the family, it seemed like a fairytale, but the relationship slowly began to breakdown. 

Royal biographer Andrew Morton spoke to experts Molly Mulshine and Christina Garibaldi on Royally US podcast. 

Mr Morton said: “I thought that she was a team player before, and she was known as a team player on Suits.”

“When she joined the Royal Family, she made every effort to get involved.”

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“She converted to the Church of England, she changed her nationality and was going to become a Brit.”

He added: “She gave up all her social media accounts and dropped the fact she was a patron of various charities.”

“She seemed to be willing to be integrated into the Royal Family.”

“I think that what’s happened is a small tragedy for the Royal Family.”

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“They’ve lost someone who was relevant to a section of the population that they couldn’t really reach.”

“She and Harry have shown that they’re not prepared to accept what was put infront of them and make their own way.”

Since leaving their roles as working royals, the pair have become financially independent. 

Their portfolio includes a reported £150m Netflix deal, a spotify deal, a Silicon Valley start up role, and most recently, a bank. 

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The pair announced they were moving into banking, promising to ‘change the world’ by putting their money into an investment firm called “Ethic.”

It is understood they were introduced to its founders by friends.

The Duke and Duchess have been apointed as “impact partners.”

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