Meghan Markle’s father ‘doesn’t approve’ of Prince Harry according to her half-brother

Thomas Markle quizzed on his son’s comments on Meghan Markle

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Thomas Markle Jr is currently a contestant in the reality tv program Big Brother VIP in Australia where he seemed to have put off several of his housemates. One of them, Jessika Power, joked that she’d like to see him be the first person to leave the show, after having spent only a few days with him.

Since he joined the program on November 1st, Thomas Markle Jr has been blasting his younger half-sister non-stop.

On the episode that aired on Tuesday 2 November, the 55-year-old window fitter said his father, Thomas Markle, disliked Prince Harry.

“My dad doesn’t approve of him.

“My father says he couldn’t even protect those chickens in their backyard if he needed to.”

Both men have never met the royal and were not invited to the wedding in 2018.

Thomas Jr sparked outrage among his housemates when he said he did not believe in Meghan’s revelations regarding her mental health and suicidal thoughts during the Oprah interview in March 2021.

“I don’t 100% believe that.

“I don’t agree with some of the stuff said on the Oprah interview as far as not having those services available.

“I can’t imagine being that sheltered,” he told radio hosts Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald and Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli while other contestants watched him.

One of the interviewers then suggested that Meghan might need her half-brother’s support “more than ever.”

“That would be great, you know? I’ll answer the phone – just give a phone call,” he answered.

“Everybody’s always loved Meghan, everyone’s always supported her no matter what.

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“I have.

“I mean, I may say bad things about her and I may write horrible letters to people, but the end result is that I do love my sister.”

The Duchess’ half-brother recently told New Idea magazine he wanted to apologise to her and meet his nephew and niece.

“I don’t need a photo-op to go see my sister and I don’t want a story behind it.

“I don’t want anything – I would just love to go over to their home and knock on their door, give her a big hug and a kiss and say I missed the hell out of her and apologise right to her face.

“Maybe one day that will happen. I’d do anything to see Archie and Lilibet,” he added.

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