Meghan to pay off Samantha Markle before ‘forced’ to answer questions

Samantha Markle says Prince Harry needs ‘counselling’

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will likely pay off “clout-chasing” Samantha Markle in her $75,000 defamation lawsuit against the couple, which is “pocket change” for the couple, a legal expert told The Sussexes will likely “decide” to pay Meghan’s half-sister the money as it will free them from having to answer “uncomfortable questions” about racism within the Firm.

Samantha Markle, 58, is suing her younger half-sister and Harry for comments the couple made during their infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, claiming the couple made “demonstrably false and malicious statements” to a “worldwide audience”.

But a lawyer based in Southern California told that it is “extremely unlikely” the case will go to trial.

Keith E Rodenhuis, a counsellor in law at the KER Legal Group, said: “Given Samantha Markle is seeking only $75k, it will most likely settle outside of court.

“This is pocket change for the would-be royals and nobody will be forced to sell their ski chalet to make the problem go away.”

He added: “I bet Harry and Meghan decide to pay Samantha Markle and they will do it before they are forced to answer uncomfortable questions about “royal racism” at their deposition.”

Mr Rodenhuis said the Duchess’ younger sister is such a “publicity hound” that she may force the case to go to trial but she said it would be “shocking if she actually won”.

He said: “If the stars align for Samantha and she prevails at trial, a very remote possibility, the jury would likely only award her nominal damages of $1. Considering her attorneys are most likely being paid on a contingency fee (33 percent if it settles and 40 percent if they win at trial) there isn’t much money to be made by anybody as a result of the litigation.

“All of this suggests to me that Meghan Markle and her attorneys are not interested in money – they want the headlines.

“The money is in the headlines, and not this $75,000 lawsuit that has a very low likelihood of success.”

He said the lawsuit is “entirely” about “publicity and headlines” for Samantha Markle and for her to prevail, Ms Markle would need to prove the comments made by Harry and Meghan during the interview were “false and not a matter of opinion”.

Meghan told Oprah that she grew up as an only child but Samantha is claiming the remark is a “lie”.

Mr Rodenhuis said Meghan may have felt she was raised as an only child given that she didn’t grow up under the same roof as her half-sister. This, he said, is an opinion which should be allowed to be expressed without putting anyone in “legal jeopardy”.

“That is the law even if you have a clout-chasing sibling who craves the spotlight”, he added.

He said, for Samantha to win the case, Samantha “must prove not only that the statement was wrong factually, but she also must establish that she was damaged by what Meghan said”.

He questioned: “How was Samantha damaged as a result of Meghan’s opinion that she grew up an only child? Are employers not hiring her because of her sister’s belief? Did she lose a promotion because of it?

“To the contrary, Samantha is bringing the lawsuit because she desperately wants people to know of her relationship to Meghan to increase her financial prospects.”

In response to the defamation lawsuit, the Duchess’ lawyers said in a written filing: “This perception is inherently unfalsifiable. It is hard to imagine a more personal and subjective feeling than how one views their own childhood.”

It adds that Samantha “completely ignores” the context in which Meghan discussed saying she grew up as an only child.

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