Meghan&Harry credibility ‘goes day after day’ after royal apologises, Vine guest claims

Meghan Markle losing credibility 'day after day' says Foufas

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Meghan Markle has now apologised to the Court of Appeal for “forgetting” that she authorised an aide to brief the writers of a controversial biography about her and husband Prince Harry. The couple have always claimed that there was no collaboration between them and the authors, but in a witness statement, former communications secretary Jason Knauf claimed that he was authorised by Meghan to help them. This has brought the credibility of the Duchess to the spotlight.

Jeremy Vine panelist Cristo Foufas discusses how Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are allegedly losing their credibility “day after day”.

He claimed: “Now we’re thinking, hang on the story of the racist Royal. Was that not true either?

“But this is what happens, everything gets called into question.

“Their credibility goes day after day and I’m sorry, it is actually reasonable to call into question.

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He asked: “Who was behind the move to the States?

“Call into question aspects of the relationship, they are members, or they were members of the Royal Family.

“They still want to use their royal titles.

“They are living this sort of half in half out life.

Harry and Meghan rely on royal family for brand says expert

“Oh, you know what, we’re royal enough to get $150 million from Netflix but not quite royal enough in order to have to deal with negative headlines.”

Journalist Jemma Forte added: “Harry has his own mind.

“That’s what I’m trying to say. You are right, but then it makes me question further the role of a Royal Family and having Princes and Princesses in this century going forward.”

The court also heard that Meghan Markle’s letter to her father was “written with public consumption in mind as a possibility.”


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The Duchess of Sussex speculated that referring to her estranged father as “daddy” in a letter to him would “pull at the heartstrings” in the “unfortunate event” that it was leaked, the court heard.

Meghan Markle’s representative Justin Rushbrooke QC described the case as “very straightforward” and said her human rights were “triply engaged” by the publication of part of the letter.

Mr Rushbrooke said: “This was a letter of which extensive contents, about half of it, were first published by the defendant without the consent of the complainant, or even notification.”

The court heard 585 out of 1,250 words had been republished in the five articles, in “a plain and serious misuse of her private information”, Meghan’s barristers said.

In her written evidence to the Court of Appeal, Meghan denied she thought it likely that her father would leak the letter, but “merely recognised that this was a possibility”.

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