Meghan’s blog relaunch would be a ‘step-down’ after podcast fail

Meghan Markle is unlikely to relaunch her blog “The Tig” despite speculation, a PR expert has told

The Duchess of Sussex began writing on “The Tig” in 2014, using the platform as another creative outlet while she was still an actress on Suits.

However, the seemingly-popular blog closed down in 2017 after Meghan became engaged to Prince Harry and, eventually, joined the Royal Family.

As rumours began circulating that Meghan had applied to trademark the blog last November, one PR expert has said that relaunching her blog would likely appear a “step down” – especially with Meghan’s podcast halted after only one series.

Penelope Banton, Embryo’s Digital PR Lead, told “If her efforts in podcasting were unsuccessful, I can’t see her moving back to blogging as this almost feels like a step-down and will likely be viewed as such by the media.”

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Ms Banton also added that she believes that The Tig will not even be relaunched at all – despite speculation.

She said: “I believe it’s unlikely we’ll see a comeback of ‘The Tig’, this blog represents a very different era of Meghan’s life – something she has worked very hard to move away from.”

With Meghan’s reported actions towards a possible relaunch, the blog has now been issued with a so-called Notice of Allowance document by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

It has been said that all Meghan now has left to do is provide a statement of use, a document which would prove that it is up-and-running.

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Despite this being all that is left to do, there is an apparent six-month timeframe – meaning Meghan would need to do that by October.

In June, Archewell and Spotify released a joint statement that Harry and Meghan’s multi-million-pound deal with the streaming service had come to an end.

The statement read: “Spotify and Archewell Audio have mutually agreed to part ways and are proud of the series we made together.”

The series mentioned in the statement refers to Meghan’s Spotify-exclusive podcast, Archetypes.

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Meghan’s podcast series launched last August, with 12 episodes being released in total.

The Duchess, who was joined by a different guest on each episode, used the platform to “explore and subvert the labels that try to hold women back”.

The end of the couple’s deal with Spotify seemingly confirmed that Meghan’s podcast would not be returning for a second series, despite speculation that one could have been on the way.

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