Meghan’s ex-boyfriend stormed off from her in cinema as he raged at film’s white actors

Joshua Silverstein reveals Meghan Markle kissed him first

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Mr Silverstein praised his first girlfriend today during an appearance on ITV’s Lorraine, and explained his admiration for Meghan after she made serious allegations against the Palace over how it handles race in her Oprah Winfrey interview. He explained: “The fact that Meghan’s able to get on TV and bravely talk about that is awesome.” He added that he was impressed that she was able to be “transparent with her experiences” within the Palace, and claimed: “There’s a history of racism that I’m sure you know from within the Royal Family the goes way back the transatlantic slave trade.”

He then noted: “I even heard that she might run for office here in the States.”

Meghan met Mr Silverstein when attending the US’ Agape theatre programme, which combined drama games with spiritual practice — it was during this pivotal summer that the future Duchess celebrated her 14th birthday and where she coined her nickname, ‘Meghan Markle with a Sparkle’.

Their teen romance lasted throughout the summer of 1995, but Meghan brought it to an end after a particular incident in the cinema.

Mr Silverstein spoke to biographer Sean Smith for his 2020 book, ‘Meghan Misunderstood’, and explained how the pair initially bonded over their shared experience as mixed-race people trying to break into the entertainment industry.

Her friends also told his friends that she thought he was “cute”, and their “innocent” romance soon started, with the young teens phoning each other most evenings after camp.

Their romance hit an obstacle when Meghan and her then-boyfriend walked hand-in-hand to the local cinema to watch the 1995 hit, Clueless.

Based on Jane Austen’s novel, Emma, the film revolves around a protagonist who acts as a matchmaker before falling in love herself.

Mr Silverstein told Mr Smith: “I wasn’t a fan. I was a young African-American boy watching a film about white women.

“It revolves around a shopaholic white woman and I was not relating to any of that.”

When his male friends said they were ditching the film, Meghan’s then-boyfriend decided to leave as well and told her he would see her outside.

Meghan Markle: Lorraine speaks to Duchess' first boyfriend

However, he left at a pivotal moment in the rom-com; when the two lead characters kiss.

Mr Silverstein recalled: “I left my teenage, romance-driven beautiful girlfriend in a theatre while the kissing scene happened.

“What a dummy!

“I didn’t understand back then that you don’t do that. You don’t leave — that’s when you kiss the girl in the movie theatre.”

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Mr Smith claimed Meghan called her boyfriend that evening and gently told him it was time for their relationship to come to an end.

She also explained to him why he should not have left the film, and in retrospect, Mr Silverstein said she was ahead of him in understanding how relationships work.

He said: “I listened to her and I understood and I felt bad.”

Meghan then pointed out that the pair were also moving on from middle school into high school, meaning they would be seeing less of each other.

Mr Silverstein remembered: “So it was like, ‘oh heartbreak — but you are probably right.’”

It’s clear that Meghan has not forgotten Mr Silverstein.

She told veteran TV presenter Larry King in 2013 that Mr Silverstein had been her first kiss during an interview for Suits.

She proudly pointed out that “I was 13, it was at summer camp and I kissed him”, but she claimed at the time she did not know what happened to him after they split.

Mr King then turned to the camera and joked: “If you’re watching Joshua, this is what you’re missing.”

But Mr Silverstein occasionally bumps into Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland and she updates him on his ex-girlfriend’s new life.

‘Meghan Misunderstood’ by Sean Smith was published by HarperCollins in 2020 and is available here.

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