Meghan’s silence suggests she is not ‘happy’ with Harry

Prince Harry has ‘thrown his family to the lions’ says Angela Levin

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Meghan Markle’s silence following the release of Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, smacks of damage control, claimed Nile Gardiner. Appearing on GB news, the former aide to Margaret Thatcher said Harry and Meghan “underestimated” the level of backlash to the book claiming that it is “the reason Meghan has been so quiet.”

The royal enthusiast continued: “After all, she has treated Harry like a useful idiot for many years and now Harry is undermining the Meghan brand and obviously she is not happy about that.”

Mr Gardiner claimed the book, which contains a number of bombshell revelations about the Royal Family, has been a “spectacular disaster” for the image and standing of Harry and Meghan.

Royal commentator Angela Epstein, agreed with Mr Gardiner’s analysis, saying: “There’s no doubt that Harry has commoditised every aspect of his life and he deserves all the criticism he has got because he fired the first salvo.”

Appearing alongside Gardiner on GB news, she said “nothing is sacred” when it comes to Harry.

Ms Epstein continued: “So-called private conversations have been paraded all over the place. He has targeted people he knows cannot answer back – mainly his brother and sister-in-law, father – because of the ‘never explain, never complain’ philosophy that underpins the Palace’s strategy.”

That may be so, but controversy appears to have helped rather than hindered Harry’s book sales.

Spare has become the fastest-selling non-fiction book of all time.

The tell-all memoir sold more than 3.2 million copies worldwide after just one week of publication and will likely rank among the bestselling memoirs of all time.

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Despite the book’s commercial success, Harry and Meghan’s popularity appears to have nosedived on both sides of the pond.

Revelations made within the memoir have sparked widespread criticism, with 44 percent of Americans saying he was wrong to recount details of private family conversations.

Personal details contained in the memoir appear to have rubbed many Americans up the wrong way.

Patricia Bardaghaiw, 56, a novelist from Connecticut, told The Sun: “I didn’t like this sort of ‘truth’ — it is over-sharing.”

Referring to the Duke of Sussex’s recount of the frostbitten penis he suffered after his trip to the North Pole with Walking with the Wounded in 2011, she continued: “I could have done without the frozen penis. But that’s our society now.”

Marlon Bradford, 49, from Memphis, also said: “Harry should have recognised he’s not like the rest of us and not exposed all that dirty linen. It’s an ugliness we don’t really want to see, even though all families have that side to them. It’s made so many people uncomfortable.”

And Sheila Jones, a saleswoman from Danbury, Connecticut, said: “Meghan and Harry have destroyed the Royal Family.”

Likewise, a YouGov survey conducted on 5-6 January shows that just 26 percent of Britons have a positive view of Prince Harry, the lowest level since it started tracking in 2011.

It remains to be seen whether this shift in opinion will negatively impact the Duke and Duchesses’ commercial ventures.

But with more book releases expected, Harry and Meghan are not going anywhere.

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