Meghan’s time in Royal Family compared to Diana’s: ‘Who sounds more genuine to you?’

Meghan Markle: Expert on 'long term damage' of interview

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Meghan and Prince Harry have firmly placed themselves under the media spotlight in recent months. The pair left for North America – first Canada, then the US – last year in order to pursue private lives. Spending most of the coronavirus pandemic in relative obscurity, 2021 has seen them make a string of TV and radio appearances.

All of them have been in the “tell-all” style.

In March, they sat down with US talk show host Oprah Winfrey and divulged a wealth of information about their time in the Royal Family as a married couple, aiming allegations at members on issues including mental health and racism.

Harry has since appeared in two separate interviews with yet more explosive admissions.

Before all of this, many were enraged by the way Meghan and Harry had left The Firm.

Maureen Callahan, writing in the New York Post shortly after the publication of the pair’s unofficial biography, ‘Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of A Modern Royal Family’, compared Meghan’s portrayal in the book to Diana’s time in The Firm and her biography, ‘Diana: Her True Story’.

She notes that rather than be “perceived as a villain or an ingrate, Diana further endeared herself to the world” in the wake of her fallout with Prince Charles.

Ms Callahan argued that Diana and Meghan and Harry were following “what seems a similar script: Appeal for public sympathy, release a tell-all book, emerge even more popular and beloved.”

However, she said: “That last part isn’t working out.”

She goes on to draw direct comparisons between Diana and Meghan with heavy emphasis on their respective biographies.

While “Diana made sure her book was full of her own shortcomings, insecurities and vulnerabilities,” Ms Callahan argues that Meghan’s depiction in Finding Freedom is false in that it presents her and Harry as, ‘the most wonderful, flawless, kind, well-intentioned people ever’.”

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She continued: “Before their first date, Meghan was not only unimpressed with Harry’s royal status, she claimed to know nothing of him — in fact, ‘what Meghan may have seen online could have easily convinced her to call off the whole thing.’

“On the transformation she inspired in Harry: ‘Meghan, the type of girl to grab a smoothie after a hot yoga or Pilates session, pushed Harry to up his game.’

“On her wedding day, ‘Meghan radiated calm.’

“We are treated to her makeup artist’s tricks and techniques, as well as Meghan’s Spotify playlist for getting ready. Her hair colourist, we are informed, gave her locks a ‘rich, healthy and reflective look.’

“‘Beatlemania’ — the reaction Meghan inspires in crowds. Again, only her late mother-in-law could have made such a claim, and she never would have.”


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Controversially, she asks readers: “Who sounds more genuine to you?” after detailing a meeting either woman had with the Queen.

Here, Ms Callahan wrote: “Most telling is the difference between Diana and Meghan’s emotions while seeking the Queen’s approval — and remember, Diana was aristocracy, said to have more royal blood than the Windsors themselves.

“Meghan: ‘The conversation flowed naturally before Meghan had to leave — a full ten minutes after their one-hour time slot. The Queen, arguably the busiest woman in the country’ — ! — ‘never ran over schedule. It was a good sign.’

“Diana: ‘S—ting bricks.'”

It isn’t the first Ms Callahan has taken aim at the couple.

Following the first episode of Harry and Winfrey’s new Apple TV+ series, ‘The Me You Can’t See’, the columnist hit out at the Prince’s further allegations against his family.

She said: “We are watching an overgrown child throw an epic tantrum, and the point is unclear.

“Does Harry want to bring down the royal family?”

The episode attracted widespread criticism as Harry accused the royals of “total silence and total neglect” while Meghan battled to adjust to palace life.

He also claimed that the family tried to prevent them from leaving.

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