Michael Gove ruled out as Foreign Secretary – Top Tory claims he’d ‘bomb Middle East’

Ken Livingstone slams Boris and predicts leadership challenge

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In the coming reshuffle, Dominic Raab is expected to soon lose his Foreign Office post. Mr Raab could lose his current position to International Trade Secretary Liz Truss. Amid the reshuffle, Mr Gove is expected to replace current Home Secretary Priti Patel.

Referring to Mr Gove’s unlikelihood to become Foreign Secretary, a senior Conservative Party member said: “Michael is the obvious person to run the Home Office.”

However, they added: “He can’t be Foreign Secretary or would bomb half the Middle East in the first fortnight.”

It has also been reported that Mark Spencer, the chief whip, has been promised the environment portfolio.

The comments come as the Prime Minister is currently facing a backlash from within his own party about the increase in taxes and national insurance to pay for social care.

Tim Shipman, The Sunday Times’ political editor, explained that Boris Johnson’s decision to “slap a health and social care levy on top of national insurance in an effort to stop people having to sell their homes to pay for care could become the pivot point of this parliament and shape the next election”.

A senior Government source said: “We’ve just raised taxes and that’s obviously a difficult sell.

“But the alternative is going into the next election with ten million people not getting the treatment they need and waiting a year for an operation.”

Mr Shipman claimed this is “proof that this is a Government-run with little meaningful input from his cabinet beyond the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak”.

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What has caused consternation within the Conservative Party is that it shows how Mr Johnson is prepared to tear up two manifesto pledges to push through his tax rises.

Mr Johnson has made a U-turn on two manifesto pledges: not to raise National Insurance and not to end the pensions triple lock.

The senior Conservative that spoke to The Sunday Times added that this shows how “Boris owns the social care tax rise”.

They added: “That’s the interesting thing about it.

“He’s put his own flag on it.”

The new plan saw disagreement from within the Tory party itself, with Jacob Rees-Mogg, Lord Frost and Liz Truss, urging Mr Johnson to borrow rather than put up taxes.

However, Mr Sunak responded to this and said: “I am genuinely shocked if anyone thinks the answer to the question is more borrowing.”

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