Mike Tindall in ‘tears’ while making pizza with rugby pals

Mike Tindall and Zara appear in Magic Millions’ ‘Mike Drop’ teaser

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Mike Tindall was fighting through the ‘tears’ in a hilarious video with friends James Haskell and Alex Payne. The royal shared a video on his social media that featured the trio making a pizza for Domino’s. The stars of the ‘The Good, The Bad and The Rugby Podcast’ are seen having a laugh as they take on the challenge of designing their own pizza.

On his Instagram account, Mike said: “To celebrate Domino’s Price Slice 8/10/12 deal, Payno popped into Domino’s HQ to design his very own pizza – the Payno-roni Passion – or so he thought…! Luckily, me and Hask were on hand to offer our help. What could possibly go wrong?”

Alex is filmed fighting through his mock tears, branding his pizza “the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

Mike, donning a full Domino’s uniform, then adds: “Domino’s are going to love it.”

The trio are known for their jovial tone on the podcast, but this week, Mike took the opportunity to discuss his personal life in a more serious fashion.

He revealed that he and wife Zara Phillips don’t plan to have anymore children.

Mike explained: “I literally was like ‘Yep, snip, snip, snip’ I’ve got a boy. I’m out. I’m out of here.”

The royal couple have three children. Their first was Mia, born in 2014. The middle child is another daughter Lena, born in 2018.

The youngest, little boy Lucas, arrived in 2021.

Mike added: “You know there’s going to be no more children coming down the line.”

The Royal Family has endured a difficult period in recent months following the release of Prince Harry’s memoir.

Mike and Zara were not on the receiving end of Harry’s criticism, and the couple were also able to stay away from the drama.

Earlier this month, as the controversy intensified, Mike and Zara spent time in Australia. Last year, Mike had been in the country as a contestant on I’m a Celebrity.

The couple went there to Zara could take part in a horse auction, including a horse ride on the Gold Coast beaches.

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