Mike Tindall opens up on life as a father – with special mention to his ‘young man’

Mike Tindall says he got 'sweaty palms' when meeting the Queen

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Royal fans caught a glimpse of the Tindalls’ life as Mike let slip how hectic his days are. The husband of Princess Anne’s daughter Zara was discussing some of his plans for the new year in The Good, The Bad & The Rugby, the podcast he co-hosts with James Haskell and Alex Payne.

While speaking about getting active for charity – as well as for his mental and physical wellbeing – he also mentioned his children Lucas, Mia and Lena.

Mike said: “Obviously Doddie Aid is starting in January so that’s get on your bikes, get on your walkers, horses, whatever, get some exercise done. Might use that to drop as I scaled in at just over 108 kilos.

“There’s a plan for a few Parkinson’s rides later on this year so I need to get into a little bit of bike shape but since the young man’s come along, time disappears, which I’m noticing a lot more when you’ve got three children so…”

Alex chimed in to ask: “Upping the exercise?”

To which Mike replied: “Yeah because it makes me mentally feel better too.”

Lucas was born on March 21, as announced by Mike during his podcast.

The former rugby player surprised his audience at the time by casually throwing in the happy news while discussing his weekend.

He said: “Sunday got even better because a little baby boy arrived at my house.”

Providing more details, Mike said the child arrived “very quickly” – so fast, in fact, Zara delivered him on her bathroom floor.

He said: “So yeah, it was running to the gym, get a mat, get into the bathroom, get the mat on the floor, towels down, brace, brace, brace.”

The baby is the Queen’s 10th great-grandchild and, at birth, was 22nd in line to the throne.

Over the past nine months, however, little Lucas already slipped down two positions.

In June, Meghan and Prince Harry’s daughter Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana was born, becoming eight-in-line to the throne.

And two months later, the Firm welcomed the fourth royal baby of 2021 – Sienna Elizabeth, the daughter of Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi and Princess Beatrice – who currently is 11th-in-line to the throne.

Upon speaking about his upcoming plans, Mike mentioned Doddie Aid, a mass participation event encouraging people to get active in January and raise funds to help find a cure for Motor Neuron Disease.

Last January, it saw the participation of 22,000 people and raised the eye-watering sum of £1million.

Mike is also known to be deeply committed to Cure Parkinson’s, an organisation of which he became the patron in 2018.

In the midst of the lockdown in 2020, he took on the Raid Local challenge, a virtual fundraising event for which he cycled 137km with a gruelling 3700m ascent.

The rugby champion’s fundraising efforts for this organisation are even more meaningful as his father Philip has been affected by the neurodegenerative disorder since 2003.

In June, Mike opened up on how the effects of Parkinson’s became more noticeable on his father over the past decade.

He told BBC Breakfast: “When we got married in 2011, somewhere around there, things were starting to — you could see the effects grow on him, in terms of he’s a much smaller man than he ever was at the moment.

“Curvature of the spine, he had to have surgery on that.

“Slowly from that sort of point, over the last 10 years, there’s been loads of other problems that have come across because of it.”

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