Minister urges boycott of ‘utterly irrelevant’ Meghan and Harry doc

Piers Morgan says Meghan and Harry are 'obnoxious'

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Guy Opperman, who serves as employment minister, told a BBC Question Time audience that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are “clearly a very troubled couple”. He called on the British public to ignore the Sussexes’ documentary on Netflix and even urged a boycott of the streaming platform. This comes after the first three episodes of the couple’s six-part series were released on Thursday to much fanfare.

The first episodes from the series include sit-down interviews with the couple and their friends, as well as a video diary shot across multiple years.

Mr Opperman was quizzed on whether Harry and Meghan had inflicted significant damage on the Royal Family.

He defiantly responded: “The Royal Family is bigger than all of us.”

The minister added that the couple are “utterly irrelevant to this country” amid a growing backlash against the Sussexes in the UK.

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Mr Opperman told the BBC audience: “They are clearly a very troubled couple, which I think anyone looking at them can say is a sad state of affairs.

“I agree they are utterly irrelevant to this country and the progress of this country and the Royal Family that I believe we support.”

He also acknowledged that the Sussexes had faced “unacceptable” press intrusion.

However, the minister continued: “I don’t think it has a fundamental impact on the Royal Family.

“I certainly won’t be watching it. I’d urge everyone to boycott Netflix and make sure we focus on the things that matter.”

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Mr Opperman was not the only senior Conservative to come out against the couple yesterday.

Conservative MP Bob Seely accused Harry of “trashing his family and monetising his misery for public consumption”.

He also ripped into the Duke of Sussex for “attacking some important institutions in this country”.

Mr Seely revealed he was considering proposing a private member’s bill to strip Harry and Meghan of royal titles.


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This short bill could come as early as next year, according to the Tory MP.

Also in Westminister, Labour’s shadow culture secretary Lucy Powell said the documentary depicted a “sad story” of “a family break-up that’s happening in public view”.

She added: “What’s saddest about it is that Harry and Meghan as a couple could have been a really big part of that Royal Family of the future.”

In the series, Prince Harry claims some royals questioned why Meghan should be protected from press harassment as they felt negative treatment in the media was “a rite of passage”.

Buckingham Palace has not yet responded to the claims.

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