‘Moment of solemn reflection!’ Queen to take time to mark landmark jubilee in solitude

Queen's jubilee is reminder of her father's death says expert

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The Queen will be marking the landmark milestone at Sandringham, where she was able to return to stay this week for the first time since the start of the pandemic. Royal expert Emily Nash claimed Her Majesty, who will be entering her 70th year on the throne on Sunday, will spend the day “in solitude” and will reflect on her record. The Queen is expected to look back on her experience since Accession Day as well as reflect on her father George Vi’s sudden death.

ITV presenter Ben Shephard said: “It’s been a difficult year for the family, it’s been a difficult time for everybody but the mainstay, the Queen, who is always been there like she has always been so calm and so stable through everything she’s experience.

“Just explain a little bit about Sunday, why Sunday is important because it’s actually kind of sombre occasion despite the fact it is sort of an essential day.”

The Hello! Magazine royal editor explained: “It’s a huge milestone for the Queen and for the nation because it’s the first time a British monarch has reached this.

“But for the Queen, it’s very mixed, because it’s the day her father died, and it’s something she remembers every year privately, and it’s the moment of solemn reflection for her really.”

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Ms Nash continued: “So while we are marking her amazing achievement and her historic reign, she will be wanting to take some time in Sandringham, where her father did die, to reflect on his life and everything that has happened since.” 

Her Majesty is believed to be staying at Wood Farm, a much smaller property in Norfolk which had become Prince Philip’s main base after his retirement.

One of the courtiers told the Daily Mail: “They adored the simplicity of what Wood Farm represented.

“For the Duke, it was the light which he thought was perfect to paint by, and the proximity to the sea only a couple of miles away.

Queen's jubilee is reminder of her father's death says expert

“The Queen likes the unfussiness — the sense of getting away from it all and being able to slip out for a walk with the dogs whenever she likes.”

Royal commentator Dickie Arbiter emphasised the fact that the Queen marks the anniversary of her accession very somberly due to the parallel death of her father at only 52.

She was just 25 years old when she succeeded the throne in 1952

He said: “I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been asked, first as a reporter, then as a former press secretary and now as a royal commentator, how the Queen celebrates the anniversary of her accession.


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“My answer has always been the same, ‘You don’t celebrate the death of your father.’”

Sunday, February 6 will however mark the start of the celebrations for the Platinum Jubilee, which is due to conclude in June with a four-day, event-filled weekend.

The official Royal UK website states: “Her Majesty and members of the Royal Family will travel around the country to undertake a variety of engagements to mark this historic occasion culminating with the focal point of the Platinum Jubilee Weekend in June.”

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee will be celebrated with an extended bank holiday from June 2 to 5 in the UK with a variety of events across the year.


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