Moments before little Olivia was gunned down in struggle at her home

CCTV footage of Thomas Cashman shooting two men

A video released by police shows the moments before Olivia Pratt-Korbel was gunned down in Liverpool last year. Merseyside Police shared the footage today following the conviction of Thomas Cashman, 34, who was found guilty of killing the nine-year-old at her family home in Liverpool. 

Prosecutors found that Cashman was the gunman in a video played to jurors at his trial at Manchester Crown Court, which shows a man identified as “TC” firing a gun at another, who is identified as “JN” outside Olivia’s family property in August last year.

The footage taken on Monday, August 22, comes from two home security cameras on Kingsheath Ave, Dovecot, where the Pratt-Korbel family lived.

The video begins with a car driving slowly down the road being followed by two men walking on the pavement.

Viewers can hear two shots as a man identified as “TC” charges a gun at another, who is identified as “JN, at approximately 9.59pm that night.

At one point, JN is seen falling before he is grappled by TC, and another shot is fired.

The footage then shifts to a second camera, which captures a fourth shot from another property.

The jury heard that JN, identified in the court as convicted drug dealer Joseph Nee, 36, was shot in the street before he fled into the home owned by Olivia’s mother, Cheryl Korbel.

The mother blocked his entry, but the gunman fired a bullet that travelled through her hand, hitting and killing her nine-year-old daughter.

Cashman was also found guilty of the attempted murder of Joseph Nee, as well as wounding Cheryl Korbel with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

He was also found guilty of possessing a 9mm self-loading pistol with intent to endanger life, as well as possessing a revolver with intent to endanger life.

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