More than 500 pounds of cooked pasta dumped in the woods

Hundreds of pounds of cooked pasta were found inexplicably dumped in the woods by a river basin.

At least a half dozen massive mounds of pasta were abandoned on top of greenery along a river in Old Bridge, New Jersey. There was spaghetti, macaroni and various other types of pasta mixed together, sauce-free.

Images of the mysterious pasta, estimated to amount to more than 500 pounds, were shared on the OLD BRIDGE New Jersey Facebook group on Friday.

‘As my friend called it a “Mission Impasteable”!!!’ wrote Nina Jochnowitz for the group.

The pasta was left adjacent to the streams intersecting Mimi and Hilliard.

Many community members were not entirely shocked at the strange development.

‘No surprise when we see the dumping of construction and other garbage spewed in all of the neighborhoods,’ wrote Jochnowitz. ‘This week, there was a new type of dumping, of excessive food, PASTA.’

She added that the township heard or read the news and ‘responded by doing a rapid cleanup the river basin and pasta dump’.

Township members also cleaned out other garbage that had been discarded in the basin. Jochnowitz thanked the whole crew with public works – while calling out the mayor’s apparent negligence of a bigger issue at hand there.

‘The Mayor and his possy continue to ignore the Sixth Ward,’ Jochnowitz wrote.

‘While it has been reported to our township administrator (myself) and I reckon that someone forwarded my post on this to the no-can-do Mayor knows…and his CaL girls, they will ignore this food garbage.’

It is not the first time that food has been found in an unlikely place.

In August, a tractor-trailer transporting hundreds of jars of Bertolli alfredo sauce crashed on Interstate 55 in Tennessee and the sauce spilled across all the northbound lanes and brought traffic to a stop.

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