Mouthguard-style device cleans your teeth in 10 seconds

How often do you remember to brush your teeth?

And even if you’re cleaning twice a day, are you doing it for the recommended two minutes each time?

French company Y-Brush has unveiled a mouthguard-shaped device it bills as the ’10 second toothbrush’. The idea is that it’ll give your mouth a suitable clean in the fraction of the time of a standard brush.

Showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week, the Y-Brush device has 35,000 nylon bristles built into it. When you put it in your mouth, these bristles vibrate over your teeth as you chew on the silicon tray and rotate it inside your mouth.

The gadget is already available for sale in France and can be shipped to the UK through Amazon for £165.

It’s available in adult and children sizes and the company says it boasts three months of battery life.

With CES well underway this week, we’ve seen plenty of interesting new gadgets. There’s the laser scanner that tells when your avocados are ripe, the AI translator telling you why your baby is crying and, lastly, a health gadget that analyses your urine for you.

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