MP launches bill to protect women against

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She believes women and girls have felt unsafe for too long, prompting concerns of a “deep cultural problem” in the UK.

Ms Hobhouse added: “For too long women have been unsafe in our society.”

At work, too many women are victims of sexual harassment. Things must change. This harassment is under reported because it relies on the victims to speak out after cases. 

“This is because of a culture of ­discrimination and misogyny that ­discriminates against women across the country.”

The Bath MP is introducing a Prevention from Workplace Sexual Harassment Bill to ensure employers take proactive steps to ­prevent aggravation on the job.

Ms Hobhouse said: “The Bill would make employers liable for sexual harassment and help to change the ­culture that means so many women suffer at work.”

The intention to introduce new laws follows campaigning work by Plan International UK and Our Streets Now.

They have called for legislation on public sexual harassment (PSH) to address legal gaps.

And the Daily Express has partnered with the groups to call for all forms of PSH to be made illegal.

It includes unwelcomed and unwanted attention, sexual advances and intimidating behaviour in public spaces, both in person and online.

Katie Morrison, of Plan International UK, said their research found 75 percent of girls – some as young as 12 – have experienced some form of PSH in their lifetime.

She said: “They are being followed, shouted at, groped and exposed to unwanted sexual advances. And they are not fully protected by current law.”

“We have laws to prevent people from spitting chewing gum and dropping litter on the street, but not to protect girls from harassment. This cannot be right.”

“We hope that these developments mark a step change in how PSH is dealt with in the UK. It is vital we take this opportunity to get the legislation girls need, once and for all.” 

Gemma Tutton, co-founder of Our Streets Now, said: “I started this campaign with my older sister Maya when I was just 14 years old.”

“Girls and young people not only experience some of the highest rates of sexual harassment but are often ignored or overlooked when designing solutions to tackle it.”

“Our story is a powerful example of how young people can, and must be, at the forefront of driving change.”

Millions of women working in bars, shops or client-facing roles have no protection. It is shameful.

Parliament, and any workplace, should be a safe place to work.

That is why I am introducing a Prevention from Workplace Sexual Harassment Bill. My Bill makes employers liable to prevent cases of harassment and gives workers more protection against harassment from third parties. It is a start that will chip away at the culture which threatens so many. 

The Tories must stop dragging their feet. We have come so far when it comes to violence against women and girls but we have so much further to go. We need a serious culture change, but this needs the right political leadership.

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